The Ones That Were and The Ones That Were Just Eureka Married!

There is a couple we married fifteen years ago that were always meant to be but took longer to make it there. She sent me a photograph of some of their family gathered to enjoy each others company. There, in the photo, is her husband as a little boy with his flat top, blue bunny and the love of his young life with her hand in his. She is wearing a smile that looked like laughter was in her heart. I heard the story of him chasing young beaus off perhaps in the guise of protecting her but nonetheless chasing off the competition. They stayed close through the years but married other people. When she was thirty-nine he reached out to her to see where she was in her life and admitted that he had always loved her. So the young boy with the crush on a little lady with a beautiful smile finally married the one he had always loved and I had the privilege of officiating at their wedding. They came back to visit as they do about three times a year and I asked how they met. It was such a lovely story I thought I’d share it with everyone along with the story of the bouquet that he sent to her place of work for their fifteenth anniversary that took two people to carry through the door. I would say that this proves that the love he had for her then is quite clearly what he still feels for her now. What a wonderful story and I have to say,  Ain’t Love Grand!               

The next couple who were getting married in our Eureka Springs wedding chapel said they met at work which, with the busy lives people all lead, is probably, along with the internet, where most people meet. They taught children in Head Start together and have known each other for three years. Most likely they started out trading stories of finger biting and temper tantrums because adults trade words and children have different ways of expressing their frustration. Their first date was for what I call “Meal and a Movie” but the chairs were far too comfortable and no matter how exciting the film you can miss most of the film snoozing and have nothing to talk about after it is over. They decided to forgo this form of entertainment which must have worked because they were exchanging the vows for their elopement ceremony in our Eureka Springs Chapel on a warm but windy day. Our wedding couple wore black and white outfits with red roses to carry and a boutonniere with a lovely red rose that needed three pins to stay in place. Three years of dating and three pins for the boutonniere might intimate that perhaps three is their lucky number. While exchanging vows is, perhaps, the simplest part of the day our ceremony says, “there is nothing simple about the things that remain unsaid.” Life can be a difficult journey but by saying “I do.” the two of you are deciding to face those difficulties together which makes the rest of their story as pretty a picture as the ones they posed for on their wedding day.