A “Friends and Family” Small Eureka Springs Wedding

The beautiful Bride arrived with a lady that had been her friend for twenty years and one who had been her classmate all through school.  She clearly makes friends who are your “forever friends”.  They are people who you love you, laugh with you, cry with you and stand by you always and ever.  One of these friends and her boyfriend introduced our Bride to her Groom who just happened to be his twin brother. Friends sometimes know us better than we know ourselves and she clearly thought if one of the gentlemen was a good choice for her perhaps his brother would be a good choice for her longtime friend. From the laughter that surrounded them where ever they went I would say that was accurate.  Our Bride was dressed in a lovely Korean silk dress with an off-white jacket and the Groom wore a dark suit for their Eureka Springs Chapel small wedding ceremony.  The Best Man was a good friend from work so with his brother by his side and the ladies attending the Bride the ceremony began with everyone acknowledging that they blessed this wonderful union. Each one assisted in the ceremony with the exchange of rings, the unity candle ceremony, a few tears and a lot of happiness. Our Bride and Groom will repeat the process in April when they go to Korea so her family can meet, for the first time, the man she has chosen as her husband.  I read the Prayer of a Husband and Wife at their ceremony whose words , “Help us to be generous with kind words and compliments”  typified the way they all were with one another so, I think, they will love him as much as she does now and forever. Amen!