Beautiful Chapel Beginnings in Eureka Springs

He has a name that isn’t pronounced as it is spelled and I worried I would not do his lovely name justice. He smiled when I pronounced them Mr. and Mrs. perfectly. She wore a pretty white dress and matching sandals for their elopement ceremony. Our Bride is the one who recalls everyone’s Birthday and Anniversary so she remembers the exact date they met through mutual friends, January 28, 2007, and what day they became a couple, November 1, 2008. So our Bride will never forget the day they started their life together as husband and wife in our Eureka Springs Chapel. The day they listened to the words of the Prayer of a Husband and Wife that reminded them to “never take each other for granted”. The day she married the man she will forever remember meeting, falling in love with, then taking her best friend as her husband and partner in life.

When our pretty Bride arrived she had a “no hug” rule to keep the perfect make-up and lovely hairdo unimpaired for her wedding. Our Bride wore a beautiful white gown with a delicate train to be escorted by her father to the Eureka Springs Chapel for their small ceremony. Their Best Man accompanied her Maid of Honor who was attending their wedding with her fiancee, a gentleman who carried a camera and a wore a big, friendly smile. Our handsome Groom was attired in a cowboy hat and boots, suit jacket and jeans for their Eureka ceremony and joined by his parents. Her parents and their spouses listened to her tell her bridegroom that she wanted to be his wife from the moment she saw him. With the words of his vows our Groom said everything else that really needed to be said, “I’ll love you today, I’ll love you tomorrow, I’ll love you forever.” They were the perfect words for their beautiful beginning.