Elope with Me in Eureka

They met in grade school and were each other’s first love. He gave her their first kiss when she was six and he was seven. But they were clearly too young for that enduring relationship and had to wait for some time to pass when they had lived a bit longer and learned more about themselves. She then found him on Facebook where they chatted on line, catching up with each other’s lives. Chats over the internet about where they had been, what they had done and who they were now. They made plans for a first date so they could meet and continue the process and, so I am told, they went fishing. If they were just fishing for sport they were unlucky that day but they were not and the consequence of that is it that they caught each other. With the outfit he found entirely in one store and wearing the hat he purchased at the Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago the week before our Groom married his pretty Bride wearing that special dress she found in Eureka Springs for their Eureka Gazebo elopement. Sometimes it takes the right place and time in life to be ready for time to be ready for those big commitments. Our two little lovebirds surely weren’t there, then met again as two adults who were there now, and the rest is a Eureka love story we got to share in for a little while.

They came to Eureka Springs to plan a small surprise elopement ceremony for our Gazebo to be a genuine surprise for their two witnesses who would think it was just a short trip to have some motorcycle fun. Our couple had known each other since high school and met again when her daughter started dating his son. He rode a motorcycle and she sat behind him for a while then rode beside him for a while on a three wheel bike until confident enough to motor along beside on just two wheels. As her skill on the motorcycle was honed their love grew stronger and seven years later with many miles ridden they were ready to take a two wheeled ride into marriage. So with their two invited friends gifted with Maid of Honor and Tuxedo T-shirts to match her Bride and his Groom Tuxedo T-shirts we gathered in the Gazebo for their small ceremony with tears and laughter sprinkled throughout. We started with laughter, drifted into happy tears that caused more laughter and ended with more happy tears. Then they rode off into their two life together with my best wishes and their two best friends.