Eureka Springs for Weddings and Renewals of Love

They arrived to renew the vows they made in 2011 and were a couple who met at the ages of twelve and thirteen at a tractor pull. Being a small town girl who had friends who put a notice in the town paper to announce their wedding date and time instead of sending invitations I clearly knew that tractor pulls were meeting places for young people. He went on a long vacation to Alaska one summer and they drifted apart until Senior year in High School where they became a couple again attending the all important Senior Prom together. Today I said, ” I do means I do want your love and I do give you mine and nothing we do will ever be the same because you and I will be doing it all together.” This was just a reminder of how they felt when they first made their vows and how they still clearly feel about one another. They poured their containers of sand into one vessel to remind themselves of this renewal day with their grains of sand layered together like the events of their life together are layered one upon the other to make a beautiful symbol of life and love.

Our couple arrived with family and friends to make their wedding vows surrounded by all those people who they love and whose love is returned in equal measure. Everyone had a place in their wedding party. The husband of the Matron of Honor escorted our Bride, attired in a lovely wedding dress with a beautiful train, to her Groom waiting in our small Eureka Springs Chapel. Her wedding party included everyone who cared about them that could make the trip. The Matron of Honor, her best Friend, was escorted by the Groom’s Son-in-Law who acted as the Best Man. The Bride’s sister and two daughter-in-laws were treasured Bridesmaids. Granddaughters acted as Junior Bridesmaids, a Flower Girl and Ring Bearer. His Grandson was as our special Groomsman who escorted one of the cherished Bridesmaids. This large wedding party wended its way to our waiting Groom where a line from the poem I read says it best, “I choose you today in witness of all the people who love us.” They met at a store the Bride frequented where she glanced at him and he glanced at her for a while wondering if this could be the one. Then the day came when she thought “Should I or shouldn’t I.” She decided she should and gave him her phone number. The rest is just the way it should be now and forever.