The Right Eureka Springs Time

My Bride and Groom have known each other a long time but he traveled for work and had to settle in one place again. He has a sister who worked side by side with his fiancee at a restaurant. When she opened her own place our Bride went to work for her at this new establishment. A sister knows her brother and felt these two should take a chance on each other. She had them take that first big step and go out on a date. She actually insisted they go out on that first date. Some people just know when two people they love are meant for each other and who better to know just that than his sister and her friend and boss. So on a sunny August day our Bride wore a deep blue and white dress with a lovely slit and her Groom wore a coordinating blue shirt to elope in our Eureka Springs Gazebo. He exchanged vows with the woman his sister felt was his perfect match and they both clearly agreed.

“The right time”, he said. Sometimes when you first meet it isn’t the right time for the two of you and you part until somehow you meet again and it feels different because the two of you are in a different place in your lives. Then it is “the right time” to come together. The two of you love music, love to talk and laugh. “You just fit,” the Bride said. Your hearts have waited for each other and it is as if you have found the missing pieces to a puzzle and everything just fits together perfectly, as it was always meant to be. You are now ready to be one. Your hearts are whole and you can love each other “to the moon and back.” They shared their own vows that echoed the same thoughts and feelings and now they will share a life together with their best friend. After a small Eureka Springs Gazebo wedding they were not only marrying the right partner but they knew each one was the right partner.