Their Eureka Family Wedding

They met at work through a mutual friend and although the jobs are now a thing of the past, something they both agree is a good thing, they will clearly never be a thing of the past. She says, “You are the beating of my heart and like the song they played at their wedding “All of me loves all of you.” So, escorted by her father to the Eureka Springs Chapel and her handsome groom with their song playing in the background our pretty bride was accompanied by their two daughters on the arms of the Best Man and their son, our ring bearer. Waiting for her was the man who “will love them more than all the stars in the sky.” For her small Eureka Springs ceremony our Bride was carrying a hand-tied bouquet of roses and all of the gentleman wore black or grey and a boutonniere to match the Bride’s deep pink floral. She was assisted in dressing by her loving mother, two pretty daughters and some loving guests who helped her with a gown that laced all the way up the back and had a beautiful train. Our well-dressed Best Man brought the music while the Groom’s older brother made sure it was started in a timely fashion. He attended with his wife, son, their other brother J.T., their uncle and a very happy mother. During the ceremony our Bride spoke of how the ups and downs in a relationship just made it stronger. We are all aware that life might test us but as First Corinthians reminds us “Love never fails.” and the result is a wedding full of family, happiness, joy, and love!