A Few Eureka Wedding Thoughts

A Few Eureka Wedding Thoughts

I have been lax in keeping you updated with my Eureka Springs Brides. We have been busy doing things that need to be done that nobody notices if you do them in a timely fashion. So…We had the Bride with two sisters who sounded and acted more like two best friends. There was enough love going around it was like the Three Musketeers with their “One for all and all for one.” It was so special to hear and see the outpouring of love between the ladies. The sisters helped her dress, they fixed her make-up and they kept telling her how beautiful she looked. Well, she did, but it always nice to hear it. The words of a Prayer of a Husband and Wife were so appropriate, “Help us to be generous with kind words and compliments” fit everyone at this ceremony. Our Bride wore a beautiful white dress for her Eureka Gazebo ceremony and was so happy she laughed as she smiled into his eyes during her wedding. My thought is she is still smiling.

We had a couple who came for a one-night Eureka Springs elopement and stayed three nights so we must be doing something right. The Groom wore a bandanna, jeans and had what they call ‘soulful eyes’ and his Bride had long dark hair that she changed from long and loose to a chignon mid-ceremony to keep her lovely locks off her neck. She wore a white dress and pink sandals as her wedding outfit for their Gazebo ceremony. The photograph we used for their eight by ten was a beautiful black and white portrait that took full advantage of how they looked together – just perfect!

Our Eureka wedding couple arrived on Thursday and were married on Sunday the last day of their stay. While the Bride was getting her hair styled locally their three guests arrived dressed and ready for their mother’s special day. Two sons attired in suits escorted the Bride down the pathway to the Eureka Gazebo and her waiting Groom who I never saw without a big smile on his face. Her daughter was Maid of Honor with a bouquet of cobalt blue and white to match her dress, her mother’s bouquet created by Eureka Flower Shop and the smiling Groom’s cobalt blue suit. Our Bride wore the cutest of dresses. It was short and with a full skirt that must have had netting underneath to give it fullness. A pair of high heels that completed the outfit but hurt her feet were not nearly as perfect a fit as the pretty dress or the happy Groom.

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