A Long Eureka Wait for my Brides

A Long Eureka Wait for my Brides

Dress issues didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of our Bride who needed help with a dress strap that would just not co-operate. Who cares if the strap gives you trouble when your hair style is so perfect that it gives you that sultry look you were hoping you’d achieve. Our Groom added to their perfect look with a vest in the right shade of blue, jeans and a shirt. They both looked wonderful and that is what I am sure they were hoping for on their wedding day. When we began their wedding the phone interrupted the vows so we restarted with the phone silenced and achieved a beautiful gazebo ceremony with, as the poem I read says, the Bride and Groom choosing each other, over all others, every day for all the days of their lives.

Our next Bride met her Groom when they were younger and she had a “crush” on the older man. She told him someday they would marry and today that someday had arrived. The Bride wore a lovely floor length white gown with pearls, a shawl and cowboy boots. The groom was attired in a black suit with a boutonniere to match the Bride’s bouquet of royal blue with sunflowers and burgundy accents. Her lovely updo was created by Salon 7 and their elopement ceremony took place in our Eureka Gazebo where the poem that I read spoke of the partnership that would lead them to the fulfillment of their dreams. She knew he was the one for so long she can be sure she has chosen the right man.

Our Bride wore a white dress and carried teal and burgundy flowers for what was supposed to be a Gazebo wedding but with a chill in the air became a lovely Eureka Chapel ceremony. Our Bride and Groom were assisted in their ceremony and joined in their happiness by his twin brother and his wife. Acting as Best Man and Maid of Honor they took selfies and radiated happiness for our Bride and Groom and the cold weather never dampened the joy. I read First Corinthians which speaks of loving bearing all things and it certainly rang true on a day that had a chill in the air but a lot of warmth in their hearts.
On that same cold day we married a bride whose happiness clearly kept her warm because the chill in the air never bothered her at all. We did however have a Eureka Chapel ceremony as the couple needed to concentrate on the words and not the cold day when speaking the most important words on the most important of days. Our tall blonde Bride and her dark haired groom bowed their heads for the Prayer of a Husband and Wife speaking of never taking each other for granted and to be generous with kind words and compliments. I think the greatest compliment is to feel the warmth in your heart and forget the chill of the day.

The next Bride arrived with the cousin who was born just seven months apart from her and had been her best friend ever since. Today she was her cherished Maid of Honor. She preceded our lovely Bride who was escorted by her mother to her Groom as he patiently waited with his Best Man for their Eureka Springs Chapel ceremony. Attending their wedding were his mother and step father, the Bride’s mother and boyfriend, and two additional friends of our Groom. Our Bride was a beautiful young woman marrying her young man in uniform. A few months after their lovely ceremony she will be joining him in South Korea to start their journey together into a new life in a new land, I wish them well.

A Eureka Chapel ceremony was the choice of our pretty Bride who was wearing a white dress with full skirting and red embellishments that matched her red, white and black bouquet created by Eureka Flower. Due to the chill in the air she accessorized her outfit with a cape to make sure her mind was on the Groom instead of the coolness of the day. Our Groom was attired in blue jeans, a cowboy hat and white shirt. The Bride’s mother attended the ceremony to watch her daughter marry the man she loved and was eager to help carry the train or hold the bouquet. The couple were kind and patient people and I am sure they will walk wisely and well through their life together.

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