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Back to Eureka Springs Small Weddings!

They met on Craig’s List which is something you could do but can no longer do so in that small window of opportunity she wrote about looking for a person who wanted to get to know her – walk with her, talk to her, spend time together and his reply was “Hello”. She said, like the line from the movie, he had her at “Hello.” She e-mailed back and then he e-mailed back and that went on until the night had waned. It was time to meet and things just were so easy with the man who loved to talk, and he learned who she was as she learned who he was and then they eloped at my Eureka Springs Chapel. Hello may have been their beginning but as the words in their ceremony stated “I do means I do want your love and I do give you mine and nothing we do will ever be the same because you and I will be doing it all together.”

Abby came to her mother’s small Eureka Gazebo wedding with beautiful blonde hair. cowboy boots and a long girly off-white dress. She preceded our Bride who wore a long white dress and boots to be escorted by her father to her beloved Groom. It was her job to act as the Bride’s Ring Bearer, Flower Girl and Maid of Honor. It was a lot of responsibility and she did a wonderful job. There were family members everywhere you looked. There for the wedding couple were brothers and those who were like brothers whose arrival we patiently awaited before starting because you do not start without those you love. Mom and Dad and the Bride’s sister and her husband all came to see the lovely Bride say those special words with the man she loved. It was a beautiful Eureka Springs day is so many ways. Just ask the Bride!

Friends you can always count on are the ones who stand next to you on that most special of days, your Eureka Springs wedding day. The Groom had a Best Person I also pegged as ‘Best’ because she was always there when you needed someone to clean the Bride’s glasses or fix the layers on her exquisite dress trying to make sure everything was just perfect. The Bride had an entourage of lovely friends who I found “Dancing it out” with her in the dressing area. A bevy of beautiful young women releasing the prewedding nerves in a circle of harmony singing and moving to the rhythm of friendship. We took pictures of the Bride with her sisters, one outnumbered brother, and a pretty Maid of Honor, who was there with her baby tending husband. The Bride’s father escorted her to the Groom who was a tall, patient, smiling man in a suit waiting patiently in our Eureka Gazebo. Our beautiful and very happy Bride was well worth waiting for and smiling about.

The next couple had met each other twelve years ago through mutual friends. They wrote their own vows and transcribed them into small books marked Bride and Groom so what was written could be held, reread and remembered through the happy years ahead. Their promises of love, trust and fidelity were made in our lovely Eureka Springs Chapel that started with the Bride lovingly pinning on the Groom’s boutonniere and photographs holding the bouquet made for her by a friend. Wearing an elegant pants outfit that stylishly matched her Groom’s suit our Bride wore her long hair in curls that framed her face. When I read the words in the Prayer of a Husband and Wife that said “Let us be thoughtful in word and deed” my thought was that they already were and it showed in the way they spoke to each other, the way they were with each other. A marriage framed in love is like a lovely treasured photograph.

The father of the Bride escorted her for their Eureka Springs Chapel wedding. The Bride and Groom had met when they were younger but it wasn’t their time yet. Years later the Groom knew he was looking at “the one”. Timing was clearly everything when their hearts were searching at the same time for the one who would bring the happy into their lives. It was a day even the rain couldn’t dampen the joy of because there were too many smiles for the couple who does Karaoke together and cares so much about their friends that they will have their reception when her best friend’s husband returns from Afghanistan which will give them a happiness that is shared. A honeymoon in Belize will follow after that because joyful times just need to last and last just like their love. May they sing love songs together for the rest of their lives.

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