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Her sisters were there to help our Bride with her very special small Eureka Springs Gazebo wedding. They decorated here and there, snapped personal photos, and stood beside her to take her flowers, hand her the Groom’s ring and light the taper for the Unity Candle ceremony. The Best Man, flower girl, sign carrier, ring bearer and flower presenters were all family. Our wedding procession had so many loving family members it took a while before our Bride and her mother arrived at the Gazebo to meet our waiting Groom elegantly dressed in black. The lovely Bride was wearing a knee length dress and carrying a fresh floral bouquet in pale pink and ivory created by Eureka Flower. Since many more people wanted to join in the merriment there will be a reception at a later time for which the Bride’s Home Economics students will make her cake and then help her eat it. Their joy and happiness will be shared with more family and friends because love is one of those emotions that is even more perfect when it is shared.

For this Eureka Springs elopement our Bride’s dress arrived from the store in the wrong size so her Groom spent two hours altering it to make it the right size then carried her train as she walked from their cottage to the Eureka Gazebo for their photos. To make himself even more indispensable he held her glasses when she took them off for wedding pictures and then handed them back to her so she could put them back on to see her where her feet were taking her for the next picture memory. Love is in the details and he took such good care with so many of those details our Bride just had to know she was one of those ‘details’ he would always care about. Our couple was married in the gazebo instead of our chapel because the day was so beautiful you felt the day was as grand a blessing as their love.

This small Eureka Springs wedding was full of handsome and pretty faces. Our Bride, her Groom and almost all of those pretty faces attending were attired in cowboy boots and she was escorted down the pathway by her step-father wearing his own pair of cowboy boots and a happy face. As she posed with her man in his cowboy hat, jeans and boots we had her put her best cowboy foot forward to add a little bit of sassy to her wedding pictures. We made sure she posed with her two pretty daughters and his beautiful daughter posed with her two new sisters. Our lovely Bride brought her happy smile to the photo with her best friend and our Groom took his turn at our wedding tree for portraits with his pretty lady and his special daughter. There were so many smiling faces of family and friends who joined in the festivities for one of the happiest Grooms to grace our Eureka Springs Gazebo, but, then, if you had seen our Bride you would have known the reason the Groom was so happy.

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