Been So Eureka Long Since I’ve Talked About Brides!

Been So Eureka Long Since I’ve Talked About Brides!

Our Groom was attired in a dark suit while our lovely Bride wore a long dress with a white shawl over her shoulders and carried a bouquet created by Eureka Flower for her Gazebo wedding. In the course of conversation she made the comment that her Groom took great care of her and then he immediately proved it by having remembered to bring the rings and the wedding license, then tucking her phone in his pocket so it would not be forgotten and get left behind. It is the thoughtful little things that count so much and I believe our Groom has that completely taken care of which is something his new wife appreciates and loves him just that much more because of it.

This day was a day of special occasions as it was not only a wedding day but the twenty-first birthday of the Bride’s granddaughter and her special someone. We were celebrating important milestones in people’s lives for which our Groom wore a suit and his special hat and our Bride a cream colored lady’s suit with sparkles which reflected like fireflies on the Best Man’s shirt. When I finished the ceremony with the words “may your days together be good and long upon this earth.” the Bride said she hoped they’d have many, many, more years together which was a sentiment reflected in the beautiful smile on her face and the loveliest thought with which one could end their marriage ceremony in our lovely Eureka Chapel.

The Bride’s mother and father attended our next ceremony held in the Eureka gazebo overlooking our picturesque valley. They blessed the union, handed the Bride’s and Groom’s wedding rings to the couple and lit the tapers for the unity candle ceremony. We took photographs with glasses with small smiles then with big, happy smiles. Then they posed for photographs without glasses with big, happy smiles then without glasses with smaller smiles. They still looked extremely happy no matter what did and were very patient throughout the process with us as we made sure they had plenty of beautiful portraits of their perfect wedding day. Since every smile, big or little, was a beautiful smile it was a pleasure capturing that moment for them and watching her parents participate in their special Eureka Springs Wedding Day.

Our Bride wore cowboy boots, a short off-white dress and her Groom wore blue jeans with sunglasses tucked in his back pocket. They chose First Corinthians and A Prayer of a Husband and Wife for their Eureka Chapel ceremony. One speaks of being quick to discover the best in each other and the other of believing, hoping and enduring all things. When we finished the ceremony they were moved by the words and I was pleased that they were pleased.
We had misplaced a memento of her father’s she had brought with her to the ceremony and in talking as we searched she said what equates to what will be is what is meant to be and then I found it. I guess they and this special moment were just meant to be.

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