Elope with Me Ceremonies in Eureka Springs

Elope with Me Ceremonies in Eureka Springs

Our pretty Bride had straight dark hair, lovely make-up and a beautiful smile. She wore a black dress while her groom was attired in jeans, boots, leathers and long locks. They chose our Eureka Springs Gazebo for their small ceremony with the Bride escorted by his best friend who was also his best man. Our best man gave the Bride away, blessed the union, handed them their rings and helped with the unity candle ceremony. He handled all of his responsibilities with a smile that said he was happy to be there and be a part of their day. The rest of the guests arrived just as we finished the photographs to the Bride triumphantly announcing, “I’m married.” They were too late for the wedding but just on time for the party which I know, because I asked, was a lot of fun!

For their Eureka elopement ceremony our Bride wore a long white gown and had these beautiful curls cascading down her back and the most perfect make-up. She was definitely ready for her close-ups. Our Groom matched her attire in dress pants and a white shirt. Our groom let me pose him this way and that wanting the lovely photographs his Bride had prepared for with such care. It was a Eureka Springs Gazebo ceremony full of beautiful words for beautiful couple on a beautiful day. As the words of the poem they chose for their ceremony said, “I choose you today openly expressing my love and I will choose you, over all others, every day for all the days of my life.” I hope they felt as pleased with their elopement as I was to have performed it.

Her name was Sunny and it is a name that fits her so well. Our Bride’s long blonde curls were arranged beautifully by a friend who clearly loved her as the hairdo was stunning. Wearing a happy smile, a long white dress, carrying a pretty sunflower bouquet with burlap wrapping the stems created by Eureka Flower she was accompanied by their son to her Groom. The cute little boy wore a shirt that coordinated with the Groom so the men in her life matched in style and color for their small Eureka Gazebo ceremony which was attended by the Groom’s parents. We posed everyone for photographs but our small Best Man kept closing his eyes showing off the longest of lashes then as soon as the photo was taken let out a happy laugh. We captured a family portrait with all eyes open and that was truly as happy a moment as their
Eureka wedding.

Married for many years and now remarried in our Eureka Gazebo because, clearly, the weather was too perfect to not take advantage of for that most special of days. Our Bride wore a long white dress and her groom matched her attire with blue jeans, a white shirt, cowboy hat and boots. They came alone to share their words and listen to mine. “I do means I do want your love and I do give you mine and nothing we do will ever be the same because you and I will be doing it all together.” Words that speak for the heart and of the heart then a selfie was taken of the Bride and Groom with their wedding license and big, happy smiles. A missive was sent out to the family and friends who love them and wish them all the happiness they clearly deserve. They took that moment to share their love and their happiness. Isn’t that what marriage and a happy life is all about?

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