Eureka Bridal Moments

Eureka Bridal Moments

Our Bride and Groom met five years ago and on their first date they went to play Putt Putt and eat pizza. I would guess it doesn’t matter who won the game of Putt Putt because they clearly won each others hearts. Our Bride wore an ivory dress with pearls and the groom wore tan pants to match her dress and a blue shirt to match his eyes so in their color-coordinated fashion they married in our lovely Eureka Springs Chapel with the Bride wearing high heels instead of sneakers. Our truck driver and his lovely Bride said their “I dos” and I am hopeful that, like the words of First Corinthians which say that “love believes all things”, she had more than pizza with her Groom for the first dinner as husband and wife. However, if you have romance in your heart you have already fed your soul.

Our next Eureka Springs Bridal couple wrote their own vows and they were so special and personal to their lives together you could tell how well they knew each other. They promised to love each other even when they drove each other crazy and to respect each other even when they disagreed. The words he spoke that really touched my heart were, “True love is when I look in your beautiful brown eyes and see my entire future.” Then she told him, You are truly one of a kind and I am so blessed and so very thankful to be standing here with you today, as our lives become one. Their flower girl perhaps brought together the feelings of the day when she said how happy she was to now be his daughter. I don’t think there was anyone there who did not laugh and cry on this special day when two people who are the ear that will always listen, the shoulder for each other to cry on, and someone they have to laugh with for forever and a day are now partners in life. It was a perfect day for love in our Eureka Gazebo.

Our next loving couple spoke the words of their elopement ceremony in our pretty Eureka Springs Chapel on a day too warm for the gazebo. They met fifteen years ago on a blind date and though they dated for a while the timing wasn’t right and they parted and went their own ways. The Bride, remembering the man she had once known, found his mother and asked about him. His mother, knowing that their timing might not have been right at first but the second time around could be perfect, got them together. Three years later knowing that their lives were ready for their second chance at love they spoke the words “Nothing shall be more important than our love for each.” and now this small marriage ceremony in our little chapel is the start of “the rest of their story.”

Our Bride with a circlet in hair, carrying red roses and Calla Lilies was wearing a beautiful off-the-shoulder white gown with a train carried by her mother. She was escorted by her mother’s beau to her patient groom awaiting her in our gazebo for their small Eureka Springs ceremony. She was truly worth waiting for because she was a most delightful person who kind of bubbled over with happiness. They had known each other for five years and this was their special day so even the fact that the sequins fell off her dress when she steamed it did not touch the smile that lit up her face. It was actually a story that made us all laugh and added more joy to their day. Our Groom was a tall gentleman so he bent a little and she stretched a little for them to be cheek to cheek, face touching face, for their photos. You just had to see in the photographs what was apparent to everyone who saw them that some things are just worth waiting for because they are just meant to be.

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