Eureka, I find found the One!

Eureka, I find found the One!

There was a mutual friend, who is still a mutual friend, that reintroduced her to the boy she had a crush on eighteen years ago when he, in teen years, was too old to notice her.  I would say that later is truly better in this instance for this lovely couple.  They were both tall and attractive with a Bride that had pretty eyes and long blonde wearing a long off-white dress for their wedding. Our couple exchanged vows for their elopement in our Eureka Gazebo where they gazed over the valley while they listened to the words “I do means I do want your love and I do give you mine and nothing we do will ever be the same because you and I will be doing it all together.” After which I asked them if they promised to love, comfort, honor and respect each other knowing they would say, “I do.” but waiting for for the expected answer so I could said “You are.”

Our Bride has a name as beautiful as she is which I cannot say without giving away who exactly she is but he called her Epie.  She chose to be married to her hockey fan Groom  in a lovely Eureka Springs Chapel ceremony for their elopement wedding.  They met on line as so many couples do these days and their first date started with lots of good food at a local eatery and ended with a hockey game so you know it was going to be incumbent upon the Bride to love his favorite sport.  Well, she loves her handsome groom so when she said “I do” she said “I will” to many, many years with her beloved hockey fan because he is also the wonderful man who will always and forever be her wonderful husband.  We offer this hope for the hockey fan and his pretty new wife, may you both always sit by side by side through your wonderful game of life.

Our couple met on line and spent their first date in a restaurant they had to themselves and talked and talked getting to know one another.  They then moved on to dating one another and eventually decided more of each other was just what they wanted.  The Groom escorted his Bride down the path to their Eureka Springs Gazebo while  a son video taped their journey.  It was a family affair with groom’s sister and husband, his son, daughter and her husband, brothers and wives, and her beloved mother. Their ceremony included the words , “They are about to say “I do.” Three little letters, two little words.”  Yet these two little words allow two people to become one couple, to be surprised along their way into a future that will take their  two families and make them one big, very happy family because, as we all know, love never fails to make all the good things in life so much better.

Our couple chose our beautiful chapel for their small wedding ceremony  and it is where they promised to join and share with each other all that is to come, to give and to receive, to speak and to listen, to inspire and to respond and in all their life together to be loyal and cherish each other for as long as they will live.  Making this promise came after five years of knowing and caring for one another, after meeting on line then eventually working together at the same hospital.  It was a considered choice they made knowing that each one was to the other that perfect person they wanted to walk through life with.  A person who like the words of Corinthians is a loving, patient, and thoughtful best friend. They still eat at the same place they went to  on their first date and cherish each day as if it was the first time they met.  Ain’t love grand!

One day our Bride was walking along and for some reason his name just popped into her head.  They had known each other their whole lives but for some reason that day she thought of him and wondered.  The very next day she had a “Friend Request” on the internet from  the young man she had gone to high school so they talked on the phone and decided to meet.  Was it fate?  Years before his grandfather had told him he should ask that nice young lady out.  Perhaps they just needed some time to pass before he realized his grandfather knew something he should have known all along, she was the right girl for him. They were married in our Eureka Springs chapel for their elopement ceremony speaking the words after me, “Nothing shall become more important than our love for other.”  Isn’t there a song that says ,”Once you have found her never let her go.”

Our law man brought, to the place where she worked, one of those people that had made a mistake and was making just recompense by working at the Animal Shelter.  Our Bride, a pretty employee at this shelter, caught his eye.  So, my thought is, you just never know where or when you will meet your one and only.  Our couple shared the vows for their small wedding in our Eureka springs Gazebo with her father walking our Bride down the path to place her hand in the Groom’s hand before they shared their vows. The Bride wore an ivory dress that flowed around her as she moved towards the Groom with autumn flowers in her hand.  She was greeted by him with a wonderful smile that showed he was thinking what we were thinking, “Isn’t she lovely.”  The words of their vows said what you know they were thinking, “You are my one true partner in life.  You are my one true love.” We already knew that by the look in their eyes but it was just perfect to hear the words,

Our Bride moved to a new town and was looking for employment.  She went into the place where he worked not looking for love but just a nice place to start a new life yet that is not all that she found.  Our Bride started her new position thinking I just need a job.  Here, in this new position, she met a man who was friendly and nice but she warned him she wanted no romance.  He said, fine, just friends, so they were friends.  Then they went here and there as friends and it slowly became more than friends but she warned him she did not want to get married again.  Then he was just too nice and it slowly but surely became maybe and then it was Yes! He was always in love and she fell in love with the nice man who would become her wonderful husband. Sometimes love just happens when you least expect it, do not think you are ready for it, then your friend becomes your love and the best thing in your life and saying yes to him and to love is the only thing that makes sense anymore so you say “I do or I will” then two are now one and it is just perfect!


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