Eureka Learns How They Met The One and Only!

Eureka Learns How They Met The One and Only!

They attended high school together then found each other again in the city of Ardmore, Oklahoma around Christmas time. I suppose you could consider their meeting a lovely Christmas present.  Their first date was  a trip to the Super Bowl which, in my estimation, is a rather grand first date.  I know I would have been really impressed with that as a first date. Our Groom proposed on her birthday in front of the high school where they met. I think this gentleman is one very romantic fellow and was clearly a “Keeper” in the Bride’s opinion because she said “YES”.  He has been blessed with three children, the eldest of whom, is a Harvard graduate while his other son and daughter are younger so they have time to follow their own paths and make their own marks in life.  Our Bride’s son and daughter-in-law have two daughters of three years and 3 months.  Their Eureka Springs Chapel wedding was set for mid-afternoon with a Christian ceremony and First Corinthians which states that, “Love never Fails” and I guess you could say that this romance that budded so long ago to then bloom like a Christmas poinsettia was just meant to be.

Meeting on the internet is the current method of starting a romance and it seems to work very well since many of my couples have met “on line”. This couple went to the San Francisco  Zoo for their first date one and a half years ago. Attending their wedding were her mother and sister, the sister’s husband and son, our Groom’s middle daughter, a step-daughter, and a cousin so I guess you could say their union was a family affair. Our couple chose a simple ceremony which speaks of promises to share their love and their life through the good and the bad because they are each other’s one true partner in life and one true love.  My thought was, when I met all of these lovely people who came to join in their union and were so happy for them both, that they must have found the right words to say about themselves when they filled out the questionnaire on line to find that perfect someone who would enjoy a stroll through the zoo and a lovely dance into love.

Our Bride is a hospice worker with a smile in her heart to match the one on her face and she came to Eureka Springs with her lineman Groom who connected his cell phone to their mothers’ so they could watch her get ready for this special day from many miles away.  Our Bride was happily laughing as she walked to her Groom for their elopement ceremony. Their mothers were elated for both of them on this perfect wedding day.  They got to share in the preparations for her most special of all days as our Bride made sure they could talk and watch as she prepared herself for her walk down the aisle.  She wore a beautiful gown with a veil and carried her own bouquet of fall colors as she walked to her Groom.  The Bride has such a lovely way about her and she looked so beautiful our Groom just smiled with happiness when his eyes found hers. Together they have four children with two four year old boys and two girls, one older and one younger, like pretty bookends for the boys. Animals grace their home with one blue-eyed husky that can open the garage door on his own, a cat that talks and a cat that doesn’t stray.  A happy family united with the words “I do want your love and I do give you mine and nothing we do will ever be the same because you and I will be doing it all together.”

Our Bride brought with her a friend that is just like a sister to her.  This lovely young lady helped her dress for her special day then Face booked her mother so she could watch her daughter get married even though she was miles away in Maryland.  The Bride’s father escorted our Bride to her Groom patiently awaiting her arrival in our lovely Eureka Springs Chapel.  This was a family wedding plus one, with her close ‘sister’  friend,  her father and step-mother, the Groom’s mother, father, brother and grandparents all there to share in their joy.  They were about to say, “I do.” Three little letters, two little words. It’s the simplest part of the day, but there’s  nothing simple about the things that will remain unsaid.” Marriage is not, and never should be, entered into lightly. It is a commitment, a union, that joins one person to another so that they can walk though life together, hand in hand, with two hearts beating as one.  Their love is meant to endure all things from now until then and her Face booked mother loved being able to share the ceremony of this wonderful union with all of them from beginning to end. Some days are just completely perfect!

On their first date our Groom’s chair got caught by the wind and blew over.  That day he found his first fish on his line and the love of his life. The Bride was Maid of Honor twenty years ago and, on that day, acquired Uncle Daddy Don. Aunt Jill was there for their Eureka Springs Chapel wedding as well. They chose a ceremony that says that they will join with each to share all that is to come, to give and to receive, to speak and to listen, to inspire and to respond, and in all their life together to be loyal and cherish each other with their whole being as long they both shall live.  Saying the words is just the beginning of their union because living the promise is what cements two people into one loving couple who will walk hand in hand together through all the ups and downs life can and does bring.  I wish for my couples the glue of tenacity, the patience that holds back angry words from being said and a love that endures through each and every day as the tie that binds.

Sometimes our friends, who most likely know us best, give us that little nudge that pushes us in the right direction.  The Bride’s best friend keeps reminding her that she introduced them.  I believe someone mentioned the Groom’s friend was a party to this introduction as well.  He was supposed to be set up with her roommate but she was there instead and they were a perfect match.  The have been married just shy of thirty-five years and it was a blind date to watch a best friend in a pool tournament that brought them together. He has lost track of the friend that occasioned their meeting but he definitely kept the girl that he met that night. They have a daughter who will marry next year and the couple traveled four and a half hours just to see each other when they courted.  It sounds to me that knowing the right one when you meet them is a family trait. The prayer I read for their reunion calls for the couple to be generous with kind words and compliments and watching them together it appears obvious that is just part of who they are and why they will always be together. “I will choose you over all others, every day for all the days of my life.”

They met on vacation over a year ago and the hardest part of this wonderful day was making sure I pronounced her beautiful name properly.  Our Bride wore a lovely gown with a train that was complemented by a delicate veil.  Her Groom was attired in a tux and I watched her loving gesture as she straightened the handkerchief in his tuxedo pocket just before we started our photographs so he would look as perfect as she did for their Bridal pictures. With them on their wedding day were two friends and their husbands, the Groom’s sister, a niece and his granddaughter.  I was told they have a ‘fur’ baby at home who is a small puppy named Bella and three pussy cats all waiting for them to say “I do.”, those all important words, then hurry back home as husband and wife to cuddle up with them. Their wedding was held in our pretty Eureka Springs Chapel with a ceremony that asks,”Do you pledge to share all life has to offer, your hopes and dreams, your achievements and disappointments with her from this day forward? which he clearly did and and then she clearly did so we celebrated with a reception.  When it was time for the guests to offer a toast to the newly married couple his sister was so happy for them her toast was watered with tears of happiness. It was a sentiment shared by all!



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