Eureka Love Knots

Eureka Love Knots

They brought their guests with them and all five stayed with us. The Bride’s brother walked his sister to her Groom for their Eureka Gazebo wedding. The Maid of Honor was the Bride’s sister and her husband acted as Best Man. The ladies went to our local Salon 7 for their skilled staff to make them look even more beautiful for the ceremony. Our bridal couple brought a CD with a beautiful love song to be played at their ceremony that was so pretty I commented on it and was rewarded with the CD to play for other Brides and Grooms. Every time I play it I will be reminded of this romantic couple and the loving family members who came to watch them tie their wedding knot.

Our next couple have been together for a while. The Groom owns a restaurant and our Bride worked for him for a while and then left. He searched for her because he found she was an important part of his life that was now missing. Today they said the words that melded their lives together so the couple that worked together would share so much more together. Our Bride, who has long dark hair, wore a white dress and carried a bouquet of fall colors she made herself that was so pretty I was sure it was professionally made. They shared their elopement vows in our Eureka Gazebo with the words of First Corinthians voicing words that echoed their romantic journey, “Love never fails.”

Our next couple met on a dating web site four years ago and then commuted to continue their romance for two years driving two hours to spend precious time with each other. The young lady moved to be closer to her beau and she found that life was sweeter because the hectic travel back and forth was over and the life in her new home city was slower paced. They were a handsome couple with our tall Groom in a tailored suit and his pretty Bride with curly blond hair and lovely fair skin. Our couple repeated their elopement vows in our Eureka Gazebo with the words of the prayer read at their wedding perfectly describing their relationship “Love is patient.” One prayer and two couples it was just perfect for.

Thirty years ago a gentleman who was an “IT” guy became “The” guy for the lady who worked at the company where he fixed computers after she asked him to move one machine so many times he decided to ask her out on a date. Thirty years later she is still the lady for whom he’d fix anything. For their renewal they used the exact words of their original ceremony in which they promised to be loyal with their whole life and whole being in all circumstances of their life together. I think that their thirty years together speaks of the resilience of that promise and the love that started with a “moving” experience.

They came for one day to marry in our Eureka Springs Gazebo and stayed for two more to relax and enjoy being married. They spoke their elopement vows with our traditional ceremony where I ask the couple if they pledge to share all life has to offer, their hope and dreams and their achievements and disappointments from this day forward. Their response is “I do.” I do means I do want your love and I do give you mine and nothing we do will ever be the same because the two of you will be doing it all together. To me this is what marriage is all about and the handsome couple drove back to Texas to do just that.

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