Eureka Marry Me!

Eureka Marry Me!

Our first Eureka Chapel wedding was a couple who wrote their vows. He started with “Two are better than one.” The Groom had prayed for someone to love and his prayer was quickly answered when he met the young woman who promised to ‘bad dance’ with him whenever there was music and try to make him laugh whether he thought is was funny or not. You could hear in their words that they knew that someone you come home to everyday who wants to make you laugh, dance in your arms, pick you up when you fall and love you for who you really are is, or should be, what marriage is all about. So, the young woman with the dark hair and pretty eyes married the young man with love in his heart and his eyes and they will dance together and laugh together from now until then.

Our Bride wore a lovely black and gold lace dress with white sandals as she was escorted by her son down the pathway to her groom who was wearing his lucky hat. She carried a white carnation bouquet created by Eureka Flower and joined her Groom in our Eureka Gazebo for their ceremony. He was marrying the woman he said he had chased for thirty years. I told her she should have slowed down a bit to let him catch her sooner. She just laughed and gave me that lovely smile of hers because he just made her happy and you could just see it in that smile. We pried the lucky hat off for a few photographs but his favorite photo was one with the lucky hat posed cheek to cheek with the lovely lady he finally caught. That was the one he was planning to show to his mother who had not been able to attend. He said she’d cry happy tears and there is nothing better than happy tears.

She wore a beautiful bridal gown with pockets and carried a mixed pastel bouquet while her Groom wore a blue tone in his shirt that matched her bouquet and his boutonniere. The Bride’s Step-father walked her down the pathway to the Groom and their guests for a Eureka Gazebo wedding on a March Day someone must have special ordered just for them. The Groom kept telling the Bride how beautiful she looked and, well, that was because she did! With long, dark, curly hair, beautiful eyes and a radiant smile her handsome Groom couldn’t look anywhere else which is just the way it should be for a Bride on her wedding day. The day was one with family surrounding them. Their parents, grandparents, her brother and his sister with her husband and two children attended along with other loving relatives. Grandma said she had twenty grandchildren and I would suppose she is now hoping for great grand children to lovingly count as well. Marriage is a circle of love that gathers in the whole family and that is what this one did.

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