Eureka Springs and the Internet Make a Perfect Pairing

Eureka Springs and the Internet Make a Perfect Pairing


They met in 1993 when they worked together but our Groom moved to another city, so he spent a good portion of his life in another place far, far away from the lady he would marry today.  She, like many people in our media friendly world, turned to the internet to find the man she had not seen in so many years.  They reconnected on Facebook and then went to a steakhouse for their first date in all those years remarking that the date was far more amazing than the meal. Their chapel wedding was at the beginning of the evening but the latter part of my day.  The words of our poem called quite fittingly “The Art of Marriage” ends with the words “It is not only marrying the right partner, it is being the right partner.”  Sometimes in life we wander away from the right partner and then wander back when it is the right time in our life to meet again and then, you just know, you are both so right for each a wedding in our beautiful Eureka Springs Chapel is the proper way to end a day.

Our next Bride and Groom met two and half years ago in another country and spent time getting to know one another and working their way through a tall pile of governmental papers.   Through with all the mountain of paperwork they were free to have their special day in our Eureka Springs Gazebo overlooking the valley while they finally spoke the vows that would finally make them Husband and Wife.  With them were the Grooms daughter-in-law and his tiny grandson with the lovely name of Sebastian.  He gurgled while his mother used her camera to document their wedding on her cell phone, so they would have our lovely photographs and a video to send home to her family who could not attend.  It was a beautiful day and she was a beautiful Bride who cried tears of happiness when she was finally pronounced his wife. Sometimes the long journey to our goal makes the completion of our endeavor so much more special and perfect.

The next couple had families that had always known each other with the grandmother of one and the aunt of the other as best friends that bought the two families together.  They had flirted on line, what would we do without the internet, for over two years when he claims she made the first move.  That is most likely another very interesting story but, as he tells his version, they had their first date eating a very expensive dinner which made a wonderful first impression.  Then on their second date our couple went fishing and caught each other so you’d have to say this was a very eventful fishing expedition.  They were eloping in our Eureka Springs Chapel where they exchanged the words, “With this ring I give you my promise from this day forward you will never be alone.  In your heart will be my promise and your arms will be my home.”  A perfect new beginning for the couple that had always known about each other but took a while to truly find each other.

When they went to school the grades of kindergarten through Senior year in high school fit in two buildings.  School reunions must not have been grand affairs with so few people but they, like almost everyone else, found each other again on Facebook or Messenger.  It wasn’t the name of the provider that brought them together that was as important as was the fact that they were brought together.  Their first date was at Bass Pro and my thought is that building is so large they must have held hands to make sure they didn’t lose each other now that they had finally found each other again. Their elopement wedding took place in our lovely Eureka Gazebo where I read a love poem that was once read by a Groom to his Bride at one of my weddings and finds itself as part of my ceremonies now and again when it suits our couple.  I love the last words “I will choose you, over all others, every day for all the days of my life.” It is such a perfect sentiment for people who knew each other, went their own ways and then found each again since they were just clearly meant to be together.

Our Bride was escorted by her loving brother down the pathway to her Groom for an evening wedding ceremony in our Eureka Gazebo.  Her Groom says they met through mutual friends, but time went by and a computer was necessary for Facebook to reunite them for their first date at a Texas Roadhouse.  He makes his home on a farm, so the pretty lady went to visit her gentleman there and a year ago from the day that they announced their relationship our couple was married in our Eureka Gazebo with the Bride’s brother and his wife attending so they could share in their happiness.  She wore a floor length gown and a pretty smile for her ceremony while carrying a bouquet created by Bellamy Blooms. I read the Prayer of a Husband and Wife at their wedding which states, “Help us to be generous with kind words and compliments.  Teach us never to ignore, never to hurt, never to take each other for granted.” I think these words were a statement as to how these two people already are with each other.  Our couple wanted their special song to start at just the right time in the ceremony, and they took the time to practice it, so the moment would be just as perfect for them as they were for each other.

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