Eureka Springs Elopments

Eureka Springs Elopments

They work together and they just ‘work’ together because there are some people who just belong together. Our barefoot Bride wore a white gown that contrasted with our Groom’s sleeveless top, jeans and great beard. When they talk I love to listen as they are two very interesting people. The ebb and flow of the conversation moving easily from one topic to another tells you how comfortable they are with each and it extends to the people they meet. I enjoyed their Eureka Gazebo elopement almost as much as they did. When First Corinthians says, “love is patient, love is kind” I think it had them in mind and I just know they are lucky to have found one another.

The Bride had blonde hair, and a sparkling personality that matched her dress that sparkled as much as her big bright smile. The groom wore a black outfit that was as perfect a match to her sparkles as they were for each other. Their elopement wedding ceremony took place in our Eureka Springs Gazebo and the poem they used spoke of “not only marrying the right partner but being the right partner.” That statement is perfect for our Bride and Groom who work together and collaborated so well in finding a restaurant at which to celebrate their nuptials and while sitting on their balcony overlooking our town they realized they had missed visiting whole sections of our beautiful city so they would need to return for a visit and, of course, we would be happy to have them come back for a visit to our beautiful Eureka Springs.

She kept telling her Groom how handsome he looked but, to me, they both looked perfect for their Eureka Springs renewal ceremony. Their Eureka Springs ceremony did not mention that it was a renewal so it felt as if it was the first time they were taking their vows. Like their love was new instead of tried and true. Our Groom’s favorite color was blue just like his eyes and the ring he wore for their Gazebo ceremony, as well as the necklace worn by our beautiful Bride There was however, no one who was blue for this ceremony in which the smiles that they both wore said it all. I loved you then, I love you now and will still love you when now becomes then. Some things are just meant to be.

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