Eureka Springs Wedding Romance!

Eureka Springs Wedding Romance!

They came to renew the vows of marriage that happily united them eighteen years ago. When the internet was new they found each other on one of their sites. He lived in Louisiana and she lived in Arkansas and it was two years before they lived in the same state. When she moved to where he lived they had a five year plan which, unlike our government, actually came to fruition when they moved back to ‘her’ Arkansas to make it ‘their’ Arkansas. She wore a beautiful dress with colors of purple and lavender in her bouquet and her husband wore a suit for their chapel renewal ceremony. I read a love poem whose words were just perfect for them, “I will choose you, over all others, every day for all the days of my life.” They clearly did that and renewed their promise to keep on doing just that. Isn’t it romantic!

They met on E-Harmony so the internet must be a wonderful Matchmaker. It was six months from that day to their wedding day so some things are just destined. Their first date was at Bravos which sounds a bit like a cheer of success. Their elopement was a result of wanting it to be their day and their day only without the lots and lots of friends and family that will get to congratulate them when they get home. They told me a story about a secret gift in a tree but the story, like the gift, will stay a secret that I will hold in heart and my memory like the special day they shared with me.

I liked the Groom’s hat which he finally found after several buying trips finding hats that weren’t “The Hat”. Our Bride wore a dress she bought on the internet that looked as if it had been specially made just for her wedding day. There was a mutual friend who invited this Bride to a gathering of friends hoping to ‘match’ her with a gentleman but her eye was caught by another gentleman. The friend of thirty years had known this particular man because they were schoolmates but she didn’t realize how perfect he was for her friend until that night. For her birthday this ‘Perfect’ man and his daughters gave her a necklace that had the letter “L” for her daughters’ names that started with “L”, an “S” for her new husbands name and an Angel for her father who had died in August. The necklace surrounded her neck as she married the man she chose for herself, her “Perfect Man.”

They, like my other couple, met on E Harmony and I suppose this company asks all the right questions to find all the right answers to match the right people with each other. One year ago they had their first date at a Mexican restaurant and then the gentleman waited a bit contemplating whether he was feeling what he thought he was feeling. The lady waited two weeks to text him with a gentle verbal reminder of how wonderful she was and eventually he was making the one and half hour drive to her home. That drive isn’t needed any longer because he lives in what was her home and is now their home. The groom will sell his house because the difference between a house and home is the love that they found on the internet.

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