Eureka Springs Small Wedding Chapel Ceremonies

Eureka Springs Small Wedding Chapel Ceremonies

She arrived wearing a floral circlet in her long hair with a white dress and cowboy boots for their Eureka Springs Chapel wedding ceremony. Her groom was a tall ,dark-haired gentleman in a black shirt, jeans and boots. It was a chilly day which our pretty Bride said would suit her man because the cold doesn’t faze him and most likely gives him a good excuse to cuddle close and keep her warm. We had him do a bit of that to get his cheek close to hers for their portraits by our tree that is really two trees twined together. It is rather fitting to lean against the tree that was two trees now melded into one for the first portrait of those who arrived as two and who are now one. They selected words for their small wedding that said “I will choose you, over all others, every day for all the days of my life.” I can see them as years go by folding and blending their lives together just like their’leaning tree’.

On a day that started with snow and grew into sunshine we performed a small Eureka Springs wedding ceremony attended by their baby boy Gabe and his ‘Manny’. The gentleman was a friend of the couple who amiably tolerated our teasing as he made sure their son was watched over while he witnessed their marriage. He was such a happy little fellow it was like he knew he was attending a special event and was announcing his pleasure at being there. Gabe was the guest you want to share your joy with because his happiness is part of your happiness. While the Bride and Groom shared their vows the words “I choose you today in witness of all the people who loves us.” could not have been more true as their Gabe and the man who came to watch and care for their special ‘witness’ were clearly the people who loved them.

Some weeks are filled with wonderful, happy little witnesses to their parents special Eureka Springs elopement day. Stella had a wreath of flowers in her hair and the perfect dress for their small Gazebo ceremony. Our sweet little witness wandered here and there while the Bride and Groom spoke their vows and made her way to my husband who stood viewing the services from a short distance away. She visited with him while we finished the lovely words of their ceremony. They wrote their own vows and a common theme that ran through both spoke of the wonderful things they would do together and a long and happy life they looked forward to enjoying. Our ceremonial words reiterated that with the concepts of accepting and giving love with the knowledge that nothing will ever be the same because they will be doing it all together. I felt they were already doing one of those wonderful things. Don’t you agree?

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