Fateful Small Weddings in Eureka Springs

Fateful Small Weddings in Eureka Springs

They came to our Eureka Springs Gazebo with the Bride wearing a feminine floral dress and our Groom with a black cowboy hat, black vest and boots ready for their ceremony after wending their way to us through years of meeting and moving on. Our couple first met in California and then went their separate ways for a number of years then met again in another state to renew their acquaintance only to part ways once more. As the years passed by they met and moved on, met and moved on again usually in different states as if they were testing fate. They finally met once more and stayed together long enough to know that when fate kept bringing them together there was a reason. When fate just won’t give up you just have to give in and let it have its way. This clearly was a love that was meant to be and now it is a marriage that will last and last.

My Bride has a personality that just reaches out and draws you in with her happiness in rekindling a romance with a young love just bubbling over onto all those around her. Facebook is responsible for this reunion as our Groom checked his account one day and their was a missive that said you just might know this person and he realized he did. A note sent to the fair lady on Facebook brought them back together and they decided Facebook must have gotten something right. It took thirty years but sometimes it isn’t the time that has passed that counts but the place in life where you are. In our Eureka Springs Gazebo our Bride, wearing a white wedding gown with a beautiful train that her sister and niece had lovingly helped her put on, joined her tall, elegant Groom dressed in black. They looked like the figures on her wedding cake as she married the man of her youth with three nieces, a great niece, her sister as her Maid of Honor, his best friend as Best Man and friends and family smiling, almost as much as she was, on this most special of days.

This was a “meant to be” weekend as our Bride once cared for the Grooms eldest son in a hospital when he was gravely ill and steered the Groom towards a place that cured him so he could now fulfill his job as Best Man at their wedding. They met again many years later looking for love and, oddly enough, finding that they had worked and lived near each other for a long time before it was the right time to meet again. It seems the timing just needed to be right for each of our Brides and Grooms for this weekend of fateful meetings. Their Eureka Springs Gazebo wedding took place attended by the Groom’s mother and the Bride’s parents, two more sons and a pretty red headed daughter, with the Bride’s friend as her Maid of Honor. Pretty faces captured in photographs, happy for them and happy to be there to watch Dad walk his daughter to the Gazebo and marry the man she found again
so many years later only to realize he was always the right one. Of course, now he is the only one for forever and a day. They are truly blessed.

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