Finding and Keeping their Eureka Love

Finding and Keeping their Eureka Love

Our Groom entered the establishment where our Bride worked and she either liked the way he looked, the way he was, or a lot of both  but she decided if he walked in again she would talk to him.  I guess that worked out real well but there first date was unusual because she took him to the dentist.  My thought is her first instinct was to take care of him and he liked her first instinct.  Six years later they were married in our Eureka Gazebo  with a lovely ceremony which speaks of being loyal and cherishing each other with their whole being as long as they both should live. Since she started out with both of those notions on their first date it must have carried them through the next six years.  Our groom truly knew she would be there for him “as long as they both shall live”.  He lovingly cherished her for the kind of person she is. They were only promising to keep doing what they had already been doing well for years.  Marriage is giving and receiving, loving and being loved by each other every day.  They clearly knew was love was about when they first met so this was just saying it out loud and signing their names to the feelings that were always there. I would tell them to take care of each other in every way for every day but I already know they will.

The Bride moved back after twenty years home and her father had already chosen the Groom for his daughter to love and cherish.  He told her this man was a nice guy and knew that because they had worked together and grown to know the man that he was. Their first date was taking a dip in cold lake water then playing horseshoes and laughing about her hair that was so tangled from the cold water he couldn’t straighten with his fingers, although he tried.  It is usually the little things that draw us one to the other.  An easy going first date with a man who is tender and nice is the first step to the entangling of our hearts and live.  In an elopement ceremony held in our Eureka Gazebo they pledged to share all life has to offer, to love, comfort and respect one another through each day of their new life together.  Sometimes our parents know us better than we know ourselves and in this particular instance ‘Father knows best.’

They were married in our lovely Eureka Springs Chapel, eloping in our pretty town minus the four beautiful children that they share. They have nine year old twins and two toddlers, one three and one just a year old. They took some time alone with each other to share their love and their words of commitment to each other.   Our Bride and Groom used to work together but now he has a different job and she has the very important job of being a Mom.  They chose First Corinthians for their ceremony because it speaks of the things that matter in their life together.  “Love is patient, love is kind…love bears all thing, believes all thing, endures all thing, love never fails.  When you join your lives together and then bind them together with children all of these things are the important glue that holds your family together and keeps you together.  As I said at their wedding, “I do means I do want your love and I do give you mine and nothing we do will ever be the same because you and I will be doing it together.  In this instance their family will be doing it all together, holding hands, sharing their thoughts and their feelings, their hopes, their dreams, and their lives one day, one year at a time.  I wish them all a wonderful journey.

Now they met at work but they really don’t work at the same place.  Our Bride is a nurse in the emergency room of a busy hospital and our Groom is the police officer who occasionally has to bring the patients to her place of work.  The injured are both of their responsibility just in different ways. Their jobs are difficult and stressful because the people are hurt and need help from the both of them, although in different ways.  Oddly enough they took some time off and spent that time in a Memphis Zoo.  Three years later they are marrying in Eureka Springs in our lovely gazebo with the words of a poem called “The Art of Marriage” which speaks of a mutual sense of values and common objectives.  I know this couple, each in their own way, are care givers.  People who, in their daily lives, make sure that the people who come into their care receive the help that they need to be well and safe. It is very fitting that they found one another and decided to make a life together.   And I suppose the last line of the poem says it the best, “it is not only marrying the right partner, it is being the right partner.” So, if you find the right one, no matter where, no matter how you should say the words to make you one and so they did!

Our Bride, who had lovely long blond hair, was wearing an orange patterned summer frock with a flirty slit and summer sandals for their wedding.  The Groom is an officer of the law and theirs was a true elopement.  They called me one day and a few days later I was joining them together as husband and wife.  They truly said “I do.”  during their ceremony that held  a promise to love, comfort, honor,and respect while sharing their hopes, their dreams and all life has to offer for forever and a day.  They are reminded that it is just two little words and  the simplest part of the day even though there is nothing simple about the things that remain unsaid because it means I do know I could be hurt and although I don’t know the future I do want your love and I do give you mine and nothing we do from this day forward will ever be the same because we will be doing it all together. So, elope with me, be my one and only, and as we hold each other’s hand taking those first steps into our future we will trust in our love and be ready for all the wonderful surprises along the way. Marriage is a wonderful promise of love, happiness, and sharing that it is my job to share in and I love my job and it was my pleasure to “elope” with them.

The Bride was his boss at work and still is but their first date was the most unusual I have ever heard of since he she spent it with him in the emergency room and then in the hospital for the surgery he needed.  She said to him, ” Sugar if you didn’t want to go out with me you could have just said something.”  A partnership that starts with laughter in the most trying of times is likely to be one of the most resilient as life has a way of being a bit like a windy road that curves this way and that and you have to wend your way as best you can knowing that it will not always follow the plans you had.  It is how you take the drive through life from the beginning with all it sends your way that measures the pleasure you will find along the path it takes.  So when the poem I read says it is a search for the good and beautiful it means that sometimes you have to look out the side view  mirrors to see where you have been so you will know where it is you would like to go and then chart of path to get there together.  I have no doubt this lovely couple will do just that.

They met through a mutual acquaintances and eventually started keep company with one another and as time went by the others were no longing the binding force keeping them together they just kind of left them behind. Elopement is a way to make permanent that movement forward of a friendship that blossomed into love. During the ceremony I speak of just this thing because the first prerequisite is a strong bond of friendship and respect for one another. It is a willingness to accept each other’s strong and weak points with understanding and respect that will be a firm foundation for their strong marriage. The Prayer of a Husband and Wife says that we should engrave charity and compassion upon our hearts.  I agree with this sentiment because if we forget that none of us is perfect and we all have our faults it will show in how we treat one another.  Taking the time to listen and hear the words someone is saying makes a difference in how you will respond to those words and make a good marriage and a lovely union.  It is not just finding love but keeping the love that brought two together to make one. I wish them a lovely trip down their path of life.

These two nice people have known each other for thirty-five years but only reconnected on Facebook five years ago.  Time passes but people take root in our thoughts and memories and sometimes we reach out to see where they are in their lives and if we have still have something in common to draw us back together.  They started slowly, just friends reconnecting and renewing a friendship.  Their friendship eventually blossomed into love and then into marriage.  It was so worth the time and effort to reach out because love is always worth the effort. He bought her a lovely floral which ended up ‘attending’ her wedding so she could see it in her photographs and remember the thoughtfulness of the gesture. It was like memorializing how he felt and she felt when it was given and received. The wedding ring she was given during their ceremony had his birth stone and hers so she would always be reminded that they were two who had become one that day in our Eureka Gazebo overlooking the valley one summer afternoon.  Isn’t it romantic!





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