Finding That Special Someone to Marry in Eureka Springs

Finding That Special Someone to Marry in Eureka Springs

She is a beautiful blonde with her hair and make-up done to perfection wearing a lovely white dress for her vow renewal with her tall dapper husband in a suit with a sign reading “We still do and always will.”   This is wonderful sentiment to still have after sixteen years together.   They closed on a new house on Friday, renewed their vows and on Sunday they will move into a new house with four bedrooms which is one for each special child and a lovely master bedroom for the couple looking forward to more happy years tending their family and watering the garden of their relationship.  They are a couple who are really good at marriage and family because they know that like First Corinthians states “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.” I just know a love like that “always will.”

This was a family effort because their were songs to cue and a beautiful wedding ceremony to be sent out on Facebook by one son for those who could not be here to watch.   Two of her  sons walked our Bride down the pathway to her loving groom at our Eureka Gazebo.  Another son made sure her  pretty songs played at the appropriate time, while the daughter of the groom preceded the Bride to act as  the Bride’s  attendant and another son waited with the Groom to act as Best Man. We even had a son-in-law to make sure everything went just as our Bride and Groom wanted for their special day.  The Matron of Honor wore a pretty dress that matched her floral and our Bride wore a lovely shawl and carried a floral to match her attire.  Now, I have to mention that sometimes love just has to wait for the right time because this couple met in high school but her was the older man who didn’t know she was the one until they met again in November and, of course, the rest is a perfect love story and a wonderful family wedding.

They met on line and spent their first date on the River Walk at a restaurant named Las Cabos eating Mexican food and finding the feeling that draws one person to another until one year later the couple who found each other on line  became engaged on Christmas Eve.  You have to know how romantic this was because it was “Christmas Eve” and they returned to the restaurant  on River Walk with its sparkling lights and fires for warmth.   The very same restaurant where their attraction began on that first date so it was perfectly fitting that what started at that  romantic restaurant by the river should become a starting point for their life and love together. They have  five children with just two still teenagers living at home that they will nurture together.  They said at the same time “No more.” ! I would guess the time is coming for it to be just the two of them for a lovely series of romantic walks by the river.

They met at a nightclub when a drink was inadvertently spilled when they were passing in close quarters but this was just a visit to a city in a state far from home so snap chatting and texting had to take the place of face to face meetings.  In a number of months a birthday visit took place and they parted again until media forms of communication were not enough and a move to the state far away was in order then four years later it was time to put into words what they felt n their hearts. “I promise to encourage your dreams.  I promise to make you laugh.  I promise to hold your hand and never let it go.” ” I used to think we met by accident but I know without a doubt that the universe put you in front of me because we are meant to spend our lives together.”  Loving words shared in our small Eureka Springs Chapel by two people who met by chance and stayed together because one was the garden the other one watered with love.

They met on a dating app but she removed her name from it and he tracked her down on Facebook because what the heart wants it will search for until it succeeds. Their first date was at a restaurant that wasn’t nearly as good as the date.  The Groom’s sons were his best man and groomsman while our Bride’s very best friend was her very best Matron of Honor. The best friends little boy, the much loved daughter, the Groom’s mother, father and step-mother joined us in our beautiful Eureka Springs Chapel for their small wedding on a day which was so close to the anniversary of their first date it was like a kiss. We shared the “Prayer of a Husband and Wife” at their wedding and I am sure that the man who searched for and found his perfect someone will remember the words “Help us to be generous with kind words and compliments.  Teach us never to ignore, never to hurt, never to take each other for granted.” because our Bride has a smile that puts the light in his eyes and the love in his heart.



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