Finding the Right One to Marry in Eureka Springs!

Finding the Right One to Marry in Eureka Springs!

The Bride is an avid Bingo player and goes regularly with a relative of the Groom and a  mutual friend. The Groom is invited to join one night and they find that they enjoy each others company so much they spend the next few months as friends. Along the way, as they get to know each other better,  she starts thinking this man is very nice and her friends, who happen to agree with her, encourage her to ask him out.  Well, he has voiced this same thought to his relative, who has clearly thought that all along and has been playing Cupid so she then encourages him to ask the nice lady out on a date. The gentleman asks the nice lady out on their first all important date and the rest of the story is a lovely surprise much like winning a Bingo Game with a huge Jack Pot.  They find themselves a few months later in my Eureka Springs Chapel for an elopement ceremony with the words, “You are my one true partner in life.  You are my one true love.”   All the while I am thinking they have played a wonderfully successful game of  ‘Bingo’!

The next couple were married many years then parted, although not for long, just six short months.  They were in my Eureka Springs Chapel to say the words again after finding their way back into each other’s arms .  I want to say, “Isn’t it romantic!” but you already know that it is. Our Bride, who has spent thirty-six years working as a nurse to bring little babies into this world and our Groom, who  has worked tirelessly at the same company for many years as well had some fun and relaxation planned for the time after their vows.  They were ready for their small wedding ceremony in our  Eureka Springs Chapel.  Our couple held hands and repeated the vows of marriage that would  take them back where they belonged, with each other.  With “The Prayer of a Husband and Wife” blessing their ceremony and their vows having been repeated after me I pronounced them Husband and Wife.  They were back where they belonged leaving hand in hand to relax and enjoy the romance of our town and share their love. I just have to say it, “Isn’t it romantic!”

The last couple were blessed with matchmaker daughters.  The girls were friends who thought their parents should be paired with one one another so they decided to make it happen.  Interference can sometimes be a good thing, maybe even a gift, when it comes from the love in your heart.  Although they knew each other because they worked at the same company it took a bit of loving meddling to bring them together for a steak dinner at a place neither one could remember the name of since the date was memorable but the restaurant was not. Together they have many grandchildren who make life very busy, I believe the Bride said eleven, almost twelve which means one little one is on the way into their arms. They held hands while I read the words of “The Art of Marriage” that says marriage is forming a circle of love that gathers in the whole family. This one will be a large circle but filled with love, just like our couple. They will always know  “It is not only marrying the right partner, it is being the right partner because they are what their daughters thought they were, just right for each other.  It is a true Match!

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