Gazebo Weddings in Eureka!

Gazebo Weddings in Eureka!

Our first wedding was a real family affair.  I do hope I have this right because, I believe, we had the Groom and his son and daughter and the Bride and her two daughters, a nephew and the young lady they hope he will marry, the Bride’s parents, a brother and his wife and daughter and a sister and her husband and son.  Please tell me I got that right! The color to match for the day was teal as the son of the Groom, attired in a teal shirt to match the Groom’s, escorted our very happy Bride down the path to the Eureka Gazebo. The Groom’s daughter and the Bride’s two daughters, who looked very much alike, lead the way all looking very lovely in various shades of teal. Our Bride carried a bouquet with that same tone accented in it and wore a spectacular smile to match those of everyone who had come to share in their joy.  There was one part in the ceremony where I ask the Bride and Groom to say “I do.” and although I didn’t actually get those exact words there was no denying they were saying ‘yes, yes, yes’ and those are exactly the words that you want to hear at a wedding.

Our Bride has three boys and our Groom has three girls and once the Bride and Groom are home from their Eureka elopement they will get to share their photos and happiness with all of them.  They called and came all on the same day so it was a true Eureka Springs elopement with preparations for flowers and hair organized quickly but efficiently as I called Michele at Eureka Flower to place an order for an red and ivory rose bouquet and boutonniere and the Bride called the salons for openings for the wedding hairdo. With the tiara in place and her bouquet in hand we photographed the couple before their Eureka Gazebo ceremony to make sure the make-up stayed as perfect as the Bride who was attired in a very pretty knee-length dress while the boutonniere wearing Groom was dressed in black slacks, orange sneakers and beard. With a phone, some faith and persistence a determined pretty lady can clearly organize her elopement to the man she loves and she clearly did!

We had another Eureka elopement to round out our weekend and this time the law had arrived.  Our next couple work as police officers and they met over three years ago while keeping the world a safer place. Her first words of advice to him were “Don’t apologize for other people.” Words of wisdom to keep you on the right path and some that apparently brought them together and kept them together.  Our Groom was wearing a teal shirt that would have matched the first wedding party’s attire and the lovely Bride a pretty off-the-shoulder dress in ivory with white ‘dress’ sneakers for their ceremony in our Eureka Gazebo.  She also had a floral decoration in her hair, very pretty eyes and a smile to match the one Groom was wearing.  It was definitely not a shot gun wedding as the poem I read at their ceremony states “it is not only marrying the right partner, it is being the right partner” and you know they are just that.

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