Here Come the Eureka Brides

Here Come the Eureka Brides

Friends and family participated in this Gazebo ceremony. The Bride in a long sleeved dress with a train and blond hair in curls was escorted by her father down the pathway to her groom with her brother carrying her train. The Best Man escorted our Maid of Honor, a friend of the Bride, in a long gown with a slit. Both the Best Man and Maid of Honor were accompanied by their significant others. Both sets of parents were there for their Eureka wedding ceremony so when we said friends and family were there for their special day we surely mean it and that just made if that so much more special. When I spoke the words “I choose you today in witness of all the people who love us.” I could not possibly have said it any better.

Our pretty Bride’s sister was there to keep her lovingly organized. She had a short poofy white dress that truly suited her, hair that was expertly coiffed, lovely eyes and that special groom awaiting her dressed in a suit with his perfect dimples framing a happy smile. Her mother escorted our Bride and her sister did such a lovely job of organization the wedding seemed like a lovely melody playing perfectly and as the words of their sand ceremony stated “as these grains of sand can never be separated and poured again into individual containers so you will your marriage be.”

Our tall, beautiful blonde Bride wore an ivory floor length gown to marry her groom. He was wearing a royal blue shirt with matching tie and they were watching me with two sets of blue eyes as I spoke the words of their Eureka Gazebo elopement. Our photographer told the Bride that the camera loved her and they looked so perfect together it must surely have loved him too. During the ceremony I speak of “I do” meaning that I do want your love and I do give you mine and nothing we do will ever be the same because you and I will be doing it together.” Those words said it all.

It was raining for a couple that had known each other since high school and reconnected on the internet. I would say that sometimes when love is meant to be it just finds a way. If it has pulled two people together after years have passed a little bit of rain is a small obstacle. They brought with them a small stool for our Bride because of their disparate heights. We were two tiny women used to using stools to reach our goals and she used hers as a prop to kiss her much taller groom and make him hers come rain or come shine.

Our next Bride and Groom were married with love but no romance and were determined to rectify that situation with lovely words, styled hair, matching outfits, a beautiful bouquet in shades of purple by Eureka Flowers, and romantic photographs. Their families were not able to attend and would be excited to see the photographs that the Bride and Groom never got before. This way they would be able to share their romantic ceremony with the people they love. It is like the poem at their ceremony speaking of a circle of love that gathers in the whole family. The sharing of their moment in photographs will help everyone feel as if they were there to watch and share. We sent a special photograph home just for Mom so she would have her own special piece of their love.

Our next wedding blended two families with six children altogether and our Bride and Groom chose the Eureka Gazebo for their ceremony. Oddly enough the day was almost too warm for an outdoor wedding as it felt more like a day in the middle of the summer. They had their own vows which they would share with each other. The groom had what he wanted to say written firmly in his mind and his new wife would store them in her heart. The Bride brought hers on a piece of paper so she could give them to her groom and he could look at them and remember how they sounded when she read them. Two ways of recalling that special moment and, although they were different, they were just as special.

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