How They Met Then Married In Eureka Springs

How They Met Then Married In Eureka Springs

They met on a an online dating service though were both ready to call it quits and cancel that service when they connected. Giving up too soon would have meant they would never have found each other. It is almost like not buying a lottery ticket and having the exact numbers you would have chosen being the winning numbers. But they connected, drove hours to meet and he asked her to marry him within three weeks. I guess when you know she is the right one you just can’t waste any time. She will sell her house and move to where he lives and they will live happily ever because when you meet the one that is just right for you and you know she is just right for you, you take a leap of faith and elope with the tall pretty blond in our Eureka Springs Chapel and make a life that is no longer lonely but filled with love.

One day the man from the electric company comes to turn your service off then you run out to tell him why he shouldn’t turn your service off and there is love. He has his best friend set him up with the pretty lady in distress and the blind date is so perfect you never want to be apart. She loves the outdoors and he loves the outdoors. Their best friends made sure this blind date happened because they knew it should and the Special Education teacher met the electrical company gentleman under better circumstances and it was kismet. They have five children between them and two of hers will live with the two of them and the blind date was a great enough success to be be turned into a lovely Eureka Springs elopement marriage and we are all thankful for the circumstances and the wonderful end result.

They met in church and oddly enough his significant other and her significant other were off on a biking trip so they sat together at church and thought about who they were with and perhaps who they wished to be with. He asked her for a date after they parted from those they had been with and he brought a list of questions to ask the lady he was interested in to see if they were compatible. When you are trying again it always pays to learn from your mistakes and then make every effort to not choose the wrong person again. So, as they sat, he pulled out the list and started with the first question and when he was done he knew that the church lady was the right lady and the couple who met in church married in Eureka Springs with many smiles and the knowledge that if you seek, you will find and sometimes what you find is love.

One day they were playing softball and she saw a man that looked liked someone she might want to meet and sent out a friend request on Facebook. They had actually known each other’s families for many years and yet never met one another. It seems as if in all those years you should have somehow met but sometimes the things that should have happened do not then fate gets involved with a softball game and it is the start of what should have happened and what should be. Their wedding included Adin, Maci and Kahlor, both Moms and Dads, two sisters of the groom one of whom was celebrating an anniversary with her husband, the groom’s niece, and our Bride’s brother. It was a family affair and since the families had known each other for years the meeting should have come sooner but as long as it comes and love happens the time it takes does matter little or not at all.

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