I’m Late, I’m Late for a Eureka Springs Wedding Update!

I’m Late, I’m Late for a Eureka Springs Wedding Update!

They arrived with musicians to make their wedding even more special than they had hoped it would be.  Our couple were introduced by someone they worked with two years ago then fourteen months ago they were engaged.  This day they were at our Eureka Springs Chapel with the Groom’s daughter and her husband as Maid of Honor and Best Man and their children, a son and daughter, as ring bearer and flower girl.  The musicians were the Bride’s sister and her nephew who accompanied their vocals with a guitar and mandolin. Their first song greeted the Bride as she was escorted by Samuel who, after having safely delivered  the Bride to her happy groom, joined in vocals  with the Bride’s sister so we had a beautiful song to start our ceremony. Our Maid of Honor and Best Man assisted with the rings  and Unity Candle after which our musicians serenaded the couple with an original piece  written by her sister.  After this lovely gift they were pronounced Husband and Wife and there were so many happy faces it was clearly a special day for a loving family.

Our couple met through mutual friends and on their first date they went to a pet story to play with the puppies.  After that it seemed quite fitting when they said their children would help with the ceremony. It was a family affair with children accompanying the Bride down the aisle and children standing with the Groom to assist with their ceremony and keep him company.  Family arrived to make sure they got to share in their happiness in the form of the Bride’s mother, the Groom’s parents, Aunt and Uncle, Granddad and two all-important friends. When I read the words “I choose you today in witness of all the people who love us” truer words would not have been spoken about this Bride and Groom  with a perfectly  romantic first date.

Meeting on the internet is clearly the new way  to find the right person because so many of my customers are finding each other by being honest about what they want, like, and are interested in so they can find the right someone who wants, likes and is interested in those same things. Their “Found Ya!” was two year ago and our couple went to the lake to talk about all those things they had in common.  They married in our Eureka Springs Gazebo for their small wedding where in their vows they promised that, “Nothing shall become more important than our love for each other.”  Now they will go back to the tiny town of Talala they call home.  The Bride said it has a gas station, a feed mill  and not much else but their country kids and the the couple who met on internet just love it and a home is all about the love inside of it.

This Bride and Groom have a secret about how they met so you can’t tell anybody that they didn’t meet at the library where they argued over a Dr. Suess  book they both wanted to take home to a child that just had to have it.  They, too, found that special someone on the internet by asking and answering the right kind of questions but I won’t tell anyone else but you and you have to promise not to tell anyone. Okay? So, they have been together for two years  with their six children from a boy of thirteen and a girl of twelve to two four year olds.  When I think of the words I read at their wedding from “The Art of Marriage” that marriage is “Cultivating flexibility, patience, understanding and a sense of humor.”  I smile because they spent their wedding night at a Ghost Tour.  They are so cute and  you need to keep their Dr. Suess secret for us.  SHHHH!

They went to high school together but lost touch until they remet four years ago buuuuut it took two more years before our couple started dating.  This Groom could tell you that patience  is a good thing as it certainly won the fair lady.  Our couple married in our Eureka Springs Chapel with the Groom”s Mom and brother, the Bride’s Mother and Father, sister and husband, three girlfriends, AnnaLee and Gabriel so this was a wonderful  family and friends wedding. AnnaLee, the Bride’s pretty young daughter,  received a ring from the Groom as a sign of his promise to love and care for her just as he promised to love, honor and respect his lovely Bride. They took their wedding vows inside our Eureka Springs Chapel  where the “Patient Groom” promised his love to the lady worth waiting for and she said “I do”  to her perfect choice.

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