It doesn’t matter who or what brought them together but that they are together!

It doesn’t matter who or what brought them together but that they are together!

Sometimes your friends know you best and an introduction means they know who you will love and who will love back. Their first date was in a casino and they must have decided they where each the best bet they ever made.  The arrived with a good friend they rent from and mentioned he is like an adopted relative.  He too brought a friend who helped the Bride get ready for her important day.  Our groom gave his fiancee a piece of copper wire and she took that, added flowers and made herself a beautiful headpiece of sunflowers to work in her hair.  They work together like they were made for each other, talking and grilling while sitting by the lake where they make a house a home. They got married in our Eureka Springs Chapel and the words of a poem I read says so much about them, “It is doing things for each, not in the attitude of duty or sacrifice, but in the spirit of joy.  Joining them together as husband and wife was my pleasure and my joy.

Our Bride works with people who have all kinds of disabilities which speaks so much about how she is as a person.  Her Groom is a painter and they will color their life in the beautiful tones of gentle care for each other and everyone else. It has been two years of togetherness that brought them to our Eureka Gazebo for their small wedding. I read a poem that speaks from your heart to the one you love.  “It is your partnership that will lead me to the fulfillment of my dreams.  It is your friendship that guides me as I grow and learn.” With friends to witness and participate I joined this man to this woman and it was a day full of happiness felt by one and all, as well as, beautiful photographs to record each and every moment. Snap it!

It was a blind date at a Bar & Grill that was more like a pub a few years ago where our Bride and Groom first met.  Our groom remembered the date, August 16, 2017 and that is pretty special all by itself.  It is my guess he will never forget their anniversary.  So on this date almost exactly two years later they promised each other that “Nothing shall be more important than our love for each. ” which were the words of the vows they spoke to each other in our Eureka Gazebo for their elopement ceremony.  I read a poem that expresses the moment so well, “I choose you today openly expressing my love, I choose you tomorrow in the privacy of our hears, I choose in strength and weakness, I choose you in joy and sorrow, I will choose you, over all others,every day for all the days of my life.”  Their first date may have been ‘blind’ but our couple saw a wonderful person to love all their life so it is a date neither of them will ever forget and I hope their wedding day will be the other date they will never forget.

Our next couple brought family with them which is like bringing more love with you, if that is possible. Their first date was at a restaurant with a football game on the big screen TV but that was just a small misdirection because they just don’t sit in the room with the TV anymore but they are clearly still sitting together. Lib, short for Liberty, was their ring bearer and a very pretty little helper to one and all.  The Groom’s sister, daughter and son-in-law were there along with the Bride’s son and daughter. They altered the vows to be just what they wanted to say to each other and their Eureka Springs Chapel wedding gave them just what they wanted, to be husband and wife. I wish for them all the wonderful days they can gather like daisies from a meadow and with Liberty to help them they will be well on their way.

Our Bride and Groom live a neighborhood full of people who have known each other for years.  She met her new husband through his acquaintance with her son and after a while they decided that they had met the one they eloped at our Eureka Springs Gazebo on September 9, 2019 at 1900 hours which is a lot of nines so it will be extremely hard to forget that anniversary date.  Our Bride read a Cherokee wedding prayer to her groom as part of their ceremony.  Their personal touches add so much to the ceremony because whatever it is has special meaning for just the two of them and this is the most personal of days. After all, “It is not only marrying the right partner, it is being the right partner.”  I have to say some people just fit together so well you just know it is right.

Our next Bride carried a bouquet of turquoise and white flowers made for her by the Groom’s cousin.  She wore and off-white sheath dress with heels and our Groom wore a vest,with a boutonniere to match her bouquet, boots and jeans. They married on a windy day that threatened rain but, as luck would have it, never got us wet. They met at work as so many couples do and had their first date at a casino where they very clearly made a good bet since they were married in our Eureka Springs Gazebo as I spoke the words of the love poem they chose for their wedding, “It is your partnership that will lead me to the fulfillment of my dreams, it is your friendship that guides me as I grown I learn, It is your patience that calms my restless nature, It is through you that I know my true self. Our Bride was beautiful, our weather cooperated and our Groom was so very happy that we could not have asked for a lovelier day or a wedding so perfect.

Our Bride and Groom had their first date at haunted house around Halloween.  Some people find dating a scary proposition and I guess, others just enjoy the scariness. Our couple did not want a big wedding so they chose an elopement in Eureka Springs after our Groom’s Christmas proposal.  They met at work, as so many couples do, and have been dating to make sure their choice was the right choice.  It clearly was as they professed their vows pledging to share all life has to offer, your hopes and dreams, your achievements and disappointments from this day forward.  We all know that life comes with its ups and downs but, my thought is, if you can you feel the person you are with is the music of your life then you should pull them into your arms and dance with your one and only through all the years that are  to come.  It will make a beautiful waltz through life!

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