It is Eureka Time I Talked About My Brides

It is Eureka Time I Talked About My Brides

Dad came a long way to walk his daughter down the aisle for her Eureka Chapel wedding as he and her aunt live in Florida. Our red haired Bride wore a white dress contrasted by a traditional black suit for our Groom. He was coaxed into matching his smile to hers for the wedding photos so their happiness came in a set of two which her aunt captured on her phone so she could go home and immediately share their smiles with everyone in Florida. Their longer honeymoon was scheduled for later so there was more bliss to come which is kind of like doubling your happiness. Shouldn’t everyone get to do that?

We always look forward to our referrals from other customers as it means that someone who loved what we offered told someone they loved to share their special day with us. It puts a smile on my face every time. This time our couple was referred by a granddaughter. That seems to put a special touch to it because of the difference in generations but the sameness of the emotions a wedding has connected with it. For their Eureka Chapel wedding our groom wore boots and a cowboy hat and the Bride a long dress with a sweater that complimented her outfit. There is a section in our ceremony where we speak of what “I do” means. Three little letters, two little words and then nothing you do will ever be the same because you will be doing it all together. That is the same no matter what age you are and just as special.

Our next couple wanted a very traditional vow so we searched the internet for something that had the sentiment they wanted for their elopement wedding. The internet had just what we were searching for so we just made it a part of their ceremony and then added a poignant prayer that expressed how she was feeling. They had a Eureka Chapel wedding and carried a piece of his mother’s wedding gown so a part of her could be with them on their special day. I’m sure she would have been happy to see their love and commitment for each other and to know they were thinking of her.

Our beautiful Bride wore a long ivory dress, a blue jean jacket and cowboy boots for their Gazebo ceremony. The groom’s attire echoed hers with blue jeans and cowboy boots so they just looked like they belonged together in one more way. Her hair was perfect and with the make-up done just right the photographer said the camera loved her as much as the groom did. Before we started the ceremony we warmed them up in our chapel and they stood in the cool fall air to take their vows. A simple “I do.” and a new chapter begins.

This couple wore burgundy color outfits but although they matched in color our Groom had to bend a little to get cheek to cheek with his Bride. Her first name matched that of my granddaughter and as it turned out her father gave her that name for the same reason my daughter-in-law bestowed it on her daughter, because of the special meaning of the name. They were a very sweet couple and although their chapel wedding included prayers for kindness, patience, and compassion I think they already had all of those in abundance.

There were eighteen guests for our chilly outdoor wedding but they had love to keep them warm. The attendants were escorted so we had Carson and Isabella and Levi with Sophie and Dad with our Bride in hand-picked white shoes and her Groom in burgundy. She wore a pretty white dress and had a beautiful hairdo lovingly created by family who moved in and out and this way and that and you could almost touch the feelings of happiness in the air. Everyone smiled for our photos while moving in and out of the chapel to grab a bit of warmth before posing with Mom and Dad, grandparents and siblings. It was a time meant for sharing and it was finished with a picture of their happy feet in their handpicked shoes for a perfectly wonderful wedding day.

The next wedding couple opted to have their Eureka elopement ceremony in our lovely little Chapel. Our Bride wore a shawl and carried her own flowers and her groom wore a smile that spoke of all the happiness in his heart. She signed the words of the ceremony and her love for him. Our groom watched her carefully to see in her signing the vows given and received and when we were done and they were one the look in his eyes said everything that needed to be said and his smile said the rest.

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