It isn’t the Weather that makes a Perfect Eureka Wedding it’s the Love

It isn’t the Weather that makes a Perfect Eureka Wedding it’s the Love

Our bridal couple met at work a year and a half ago.  On their first date they went to Charleston Restaurant and they have since returned to the scene of that first date.  I’m sure the food is wonderful but I am sure it is the wonderful company they enjoy the most.  Our pretty Bride left home without her wedding dress and had to spend time searching for an equally lovely replacement.  The search was fruitful because she arrived at our Eureka Springs chapel in a beautiful ecru dress that sat off her shoulders for a very feminine, elegant appearance.  Our Bride looked lovely so even though her wedding day had a bit of chill to it she wore a warm smile to match the one on our patient Groom.  He drove his future wife here and there, this way and that to find the perfect dress so he clearly was the hero of her day, as well as, the perfect man to marry in our Eureka Springs Chapel where they said “I do.” and “I will.”  Three little letters, two little words to make two people in love into one loving couple.

Our lovely Bride was dressed in an elegant black outfit with a matching jacket to keep the chill of the day at bay.  Her Groom wore a grey suit with a white boutonniere to match her wrist corsage.  Attending their wedding were the groom’s son and friend, his daughter and her husband and the Bride’s best friend.  She wore the happiest of smiles on the chilliest of days most likely because  her groom’s eyes never left that smile and his eyes had the look of a man clearly feeling he was the very luckiest of men on that day.  During the ceremony I asked my Bride and Groom if they came here willing to make this union free of any and all reservations to which they responded, “I do.” That “I do” means I do want your love and I do give you mine and nothing we do will ever be the same because you and I will be doing it all together.   Marriage is a blending of lives in which a couple will work to make their time together a gentle and loving experience in which they are generous with kind words and compliments.  We wish for them a lovely waltz through the days ahead, hand in hand, swaying gentle to the music in their hearts with the love of their life.

This next couple were truly eloping in Eureka Springs.  Our Bride said they ran away to get married and bought a puppy to take back to their new home. I saw the picture of their ball of fluff that they had to “baby” because he whined through the night and wanted to be held.  He was so cute I knew why they just had to choose this cuddly ‘fur baby’ to celebrate their marriage. She said, they met, took some time to get to know he was her ‘one and only’ and she was his ‘one and only’ then they became more serious and bought a place to live together that wasn’t just his and wasn’t just hers but ‘theirs’.  A place to bring a fluffy ball of fur home to after they said “I do.” and pledged to share all life has to offer, their hopes and their dreams, their achievements and disappointments with from this day forward.  Their new house became a home when they moved their love in so nothing they do will ever be the same because now, our two elopers and their new fur baby,  will be doing it all together.

Our Bride and Groom dated twenty years ago, still live in the same area, and have always kept in contact with one another.  Sometimes we just have to wait for it to be the right time even though that person was always the right one.  She told me how to pronounce her last name properly and said her Groom teasingly told her he needed to marry her so she would have a last name that was easier to pronounce.  I was looking into two sets of pretty blue eyes as they laughed at his words.  Our Bride was a bubbly and funny lady with pretty blonde hair who describes herself as a jeans, shorts, and sandals gal and I would describe our Groom as a very happy man who just married the woman he met twenty years and could never forget. When I read First Corinthians the words, “Love is patient” were just perfect for the two of them.  I have to think that sometimes the best things in life may take more time to ‘become’ but  are worth the time waiting for them to bloom and blossom.

They met on line when they were younger but it took a few years for them to take a step together.  Their first date was at Lake Okmulgee and  I forgot to ask if they were fishing, swimming or just looking at the stars twinkling over the lake.  Attending their Eureka Springs Gazebo wedding were the Groom’s Grandma, and his grandparents, the Bride’s grandparents, the Groom’s mother, father and stepmother, the Bride’s mother and step-father, father and step-mother, her brother and his wife.  The weather just bloomed into a beautiful summer day rarely found in the middle of winter.  Our pretty Bride had been hoping for unseasonable weather so she could be blessed with a Eureka Springs Gazebo wedding and she truly got her wish.  Her father escorted our Bride down the pathway to the Groom.  Their ceremony included a poem about love with the words, “I choose you today in witness of all the people who love us.  I choose you tomorrow in the privacy of our hearts. I will choose you over all others, every day for all the days of my life.”  On this Eureka Springs day I faced a lovely young couple who were surrounded by family that came to watch them wed with the sun blessing their vows on the most beautiful winter day anyone could wish for so it was surely a perfect beginning to their lifetime together.



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