Marry, Marry, Marry Me in Eureka Springs

Marry, Marry, Marry Me in Eureka Springs

Some people want a ‘short but sweet’ or ‘just give me the words’ kind of ceremony. It isn’t a lack of feeling for the ceremony itself or the importance of the words. Wearing shorts and a certainty in their feelings for one another this couple requested short, sweet and loving for the end result was the reason for our meeting. They would be one forever and ever when I was done and each one would know how the other felt with their exchange of vows no matter how short the ceremony as it was the value of the ceremony and the words they would exchange. It is the meaning behind the words and the love in your heart – not how long it takes, but how long it lasts.

A family came to participate in our next wedding. They arrived with two sets of parents, had the groom’s siblings as Maid of Honor and Best Man, a baby sister and a brother’s girlfriend. We took a photograph they called a Mandy sandwich of the Groom and his brother with their sister in the middle. Lots of love and happiness was floating in the air for their Eureka gazebo wedding with the Bride in a lovely gown with a sequined bodice that sparkled in the sunlight. The words from a love poem read during their ceremony was so true for them for as I read “I choose you today in witness of all the people who love us.” I knew it could not have been more true just by watching the Bride and Groom with their loving family.

Our next couple was also married in our Eureka Gazebo with our Bride in a long dress beautifully styled to wear at another special occasion. Her Groom had a suit that was a perfect fit worn with a tie that matched my post it note so I could match the ribbons of the Unity Candle to it perfectly. Our Bride crafted her own bouquet with white stalks and pretty pink flowers. Her long hair was in curls and the make-up applied with an expert hand. The wedding shoes were a little big yet the heel height was perfect so the when the gown falls beautifully you wear them and love them because as the poem I read says “It is with you a triumph over the challenges in my path” and any path that leads to your groom is the perfect path.

It was a warm day for our Groom’s handsome black and white outfit with a white dress shirt, black vest, cowboy hat and cane. He looked debonair despite the heat and his Bride wore a beautiful gown that made her as well-dressed as her special guy. Carrying a burgundy and white fresh floral bouquet from Eureka Flowers our dark-haired bride wore a pretty smile for her Eureka ceremony where I read a prayer of a husband and wife about discovering the best in each other and in every situation. When you are marrying the right person it isn’t the weather you are thinking about but the lady you love who loves you back then the day couldn’t be more perfect.

For our next wedding our Best Man was also ring bearer in the true sense because Dillon , the couple’s two year old son, preferred someone else take over for him. Our Matron of Honor was carrying her baby and throwing flowers petals as if her daughter was the flower child. It was truly a wedding with Dad walking the Bride to Groom waiting as patiently as a Groom can when he can’t wait to say all those special words. Their ceremony took place in our Eureka Springs gazebo with the Best Man and his Best Lady and their two month old, the Bride’s two sisters, the Bride’s friend who was also her hair stylist and her significant other. Lots of twosomes and pretty children. A marriage is all about love and family and they arrived to celebrate their happiness with both.

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