Marry Me in Eureka

Marry Me in Eureka

Our first couple met when they were 17 in the grocery store where they both worked then were married  with children and now were remarried in our Eureka Gazebo.  Our Bride wore a pretty knee length white dress and carried a bouquet  created by Eureka Flower in shades of purple with white accents to match the groom’s purple and white outfit.  We like to take our photographs first just to make sure the Bride’s hair and make-up are perfect for her photographs.  The groom was a taller gentleman so he needed to give a little for the cheek to cheek photographs but, as I have said before and will surely say again,  marriage is  all about give and take.   The Groom bends his knees now and then to be closer to his Bride so she will know he cares and love him all the more for the gesture. The prayer they chose speaks of being thoughtful and caring in word and deed and that is what he was and her smile said it all!

Next we married two people who spend their lives protecting others.  The Bride is a police officer and the groom is a firefighter who will leave soon for a tour of duty overseas.  You always want to be sure that the Bride and Groom feel that their wedding day was perfect but when they spend their days making sure the world is a safer place you want the sun to shine and wish the clouds away.  Our Groom was attired in full dress uniform decorated with medals and ribbons and the Bride, beautifully attired in a long white dress with a floral bouquet of blue and white with silver,  She  was lovingly escorted to the Eureka Gazebo by her father.  Attending the couple were their three children with the two young men acting as Best Men and the young lady as Maid of Honor.  There were lots of happy family members in attendance as well including the Bride’s sister, the Groom’s two sisters and both sets of parents.  Despite the fact that it tried to rain on our day it was one full of smiles for our photographer and only a few raindrops.  I’m sure I heard somewhere it is good luck for it to rain your on your wedding day so I wish them that and so much more.

Our last Eureka Springs wedding was really a renewal of vows for a couple who felt that saying the words all over again would give them a chance to tell each other how much their continued love and devotion had meant through a trying time.  Life tests us and it can be difficult but the love we  bear for one another and the way we deal with the burdens and stress can make all the difference in our lives.  Taking the time to share your words of love and devotion, the thankfulness we feel for the patience and understanding that were given and received is a measure of how much we treasure the vows that we taken and the promises that were made. These were his words and they speak to the heart, “So, here today, I commit to you my whole heart and my life to being the best man and husband I can be for you.  This is my choice and you are my future.”  I think that kind of says it all.

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