Marry Me, Marry Me in Eureka Springs!

Marry Me, Marry Me in Eureka Springs!

They met at work while toiling for the same company and a Facebook message was sent with an “I like you and perhaps you might like me if you get to know me?” and they have been together ever since. They worked different shifts at the same place so it was a bit like ships passing in the night but most things we do for love are just worth the effort it takes to meet somewhere in the middle. Family came to witness their exchange of vows. They brought daughters, their daughters husbands and their daughter’s friend. Two of the special ladies were attendants for their chapel wedding where the joy was apparent and some tears of happiness were shed to prove it. Like the poem I read at their Eureka Springs wedding states “I choose you today in witness of all the people who love us.” and truer words were never spoken.

Almost sixteen months ago they met on He was a former police officer starting a new, quieter life growing grapes in his vineyard and selling the wonderful product to other companies to make their lovely wines.
Not quite the man of leisure he said he was when they first walked through my door. Our Bride is the retail director of a quilting company which most likely takes as much patience and finesse as it does to create a beautiful quilt. Our Bride had a lovely, bright smile, blond hair and wore an off-white dress for their chapel wedding predicated by the rainy day. She said that if it rains on your wedding day the knot you are tying is made tighter by the rain and that is why rain on your wedding day is good for your marriage. I had never heard it put quite that way. I’ll just save that beautiful thought to share with some other pretty Bride and her handsome Groom.

Our Bride works for her father and most of the time you could say that having computer problems is having a bad day but if the technician you father calls is the man that you meet and marry it tends to change your perspective on the whole situation. Our Bride wore a cream colored dress and the our Groom a black suit for their elopement in our Eureka Chapel because, as that old song says, “Baby, it’s cold outside.” They have been a couple for four years because they are certain that they are not only marrying the right partner but are prepared to be the right partner. Our Groom started out fixing our Bride’s computer problems and then married the pretty lady who stole his heart. They are on their way to Waco for a honeymoon full of concerts then home to a life full of love and no computer glitches.

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