Marry Us in Eureka Springs!

Marry Us in Eureka Springs!

The first couple I  will tell you about today are locals who work for a company where we do business on a regular basis.  They were getting married in our chapel and after their ceremony they will attend a dinner their family prepared for a reception with relatives and friends to extend the sharing of all the love and joy that was so apparent at their ceremony.  Attending their ceremony were both sets of parents, brothers and a niece, a daughter and son, two little ones a boy and a girl all bringing lots of happiness and beautiful smiles with which to grace their wedding. At their ceremony I read a poem which was called “The Art of Marriage”  which states that marriage is forming a circle of love that gathers in the whole family and this union was clearly expressive of that circle of love.  It also talks about two people not only marrying the right partner but  being the right partner and from the happiness in their eyes and the joy of everyone attending their wedding I would say it was clearly evident that they had found the right partner and their families were just as pleased for this couple as they were for themselves.

Our couple came to renew their vows of marriage taken ten years ago.  They had known each twenty-five years and were married rather romantically, I think, at night on a rooftop in Las Vegas, Nevada. They honeymooned in Homestead at a Nascar race and then took an equally romantic cruise. Their renewal took place in our Eureka Springs Gazebo which overlooks the valley and the poem I read at their wedding says, ” I choose you today openly expressing my love, I choose you tomorrow in the privacy of hears, I choose you in strength and weakness, I choose you in joy and sorrow, I will choose you, over all others, every day for all the days of my life. If, after ten years, you still feel this way about one another your lives are headed on the right path together and I do not need to wish you luck because you already have it.

The sister of the Bride planned her wedding and it was so romantic.  Her best friend brought his guitar to sing a romantic song as she walked into the Chapel to meet her Groom.  The couple who bumped into each other at work sat by the Walnut Creek on their first date to get acquainted and have since then danced by that very same lake so romance is something they are also clearly acquainted with. They were sure after three years and so with Dad, her sister, the friendly guitarist and his wife, her daughter and her friend we gathered in our Eureka Springs Chapel with music, laughter and love to marry this happy couple. After watching the Bride and Groom with friends and family it was apparent why they chose the Prayer of a Husband and Wife for their small wedding in  Eureka Springs which says “encourage us to take time for things, to grow calm, serene, and gentle.”  All of the people attending the wedding and our Bridal couple emulated these feelings so a more appropriate sentiment could not have been expressed at their wonderful ceremony. Our Bridal couple took their time making sure they were perfect for one another and their friends and family calmly and serenely put together the perfect tribute to their love. It was so very special I was smiling the rest of the day.

He went to Denver to go to school and she had another boyfriend who wasn’t the one.  They met and he, being the gentleman that he was, offered to make sure she got safely home to to Missouri where she was from but when they arrived in Arkansas our Bride realized the prize that she had found and stayed with him in Arkansas.  Their vows spoke volumes about them as a couple.  He said to her, ” I promise to grow with you and build a better life each day as we learn from each other to be patient, kind, giving, and to always cherish each day together. I promise to wipe away tears of sadness, to elicit tears of joy and to cry out to everyone who will listen how much I love you! Her words to him, “I vow to always remember that neither of us are perfect but strive to remind myself of all the ways we are perfect for each other. You are my best friend.  I promise to laugh with you, to always be the very best I can be for you and for myself.  I look forward to spending forever with you and I am so thankful and blessed that you chose me.  You make me laugh, smile, and I love you.  We can accomplish anything in this life.   I will always stand by your side holding your hand.  It’s you and I forever.”  On their wedding who could have said it better than them.

They met working together but at eighteen he was at her prom with someone else.  Our groom  went to another school and had graduated so another young lady who did not have a date, asked him to escort her to the all important prom so they passed each other in the night because this was just not their time. Our couple had to wait until they worked together because some things are just not ready to happen and then they are. Since they are not my first couple who have met at work I’d have to say that seeing each day in and day out lets you find a way to say those first words and get to know a little bit about one another in a setting that is easier than a social setting.

Our Bridal couple chose a Eureka Springs Chapel wedding attended by family. The Groom’s sister, her husband and a niece, her two brothers, his mother and father and his aunt and uncle came to share their happiness as they shared their vows which said, “You are my one true partner in life.  You are my one true love.”  Then they added the special words of First Corinthians “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.  Love never fails.” A love that was meant to happen will come about when the time is right and the people are right.  Love never fails!

At our next wedding the father of the Groom and a seven year old stood side by side to attend him, handing the ring and lighting the taper for the unity candle ceremony.  The Bride’s son and daughter stood as her escort and Maid of Honor with the handing of the ring and the lighting of her taper for the Unity Candle Ceremony for their Eureka Gazebo ceremony.  Bellamy Blooms created the floral in white, purple and yellow that our Bride carried.  Our couple met at a function call Living in Your Singleness and their next outing was a dinner lovingly made by Groom  with his own two hands for his pretty lady.  It must have been a really delicious dinner because they were in Eureka with all of their family to become one larger family. During the ceremony I speak of the two little words, “I do.” It means I do want your love and I do give you mine and nothing we do will ever be the same because you and I will be doing it all together.” When I am done I ask the if they come here willingly to make this union and, course, our bridal couple gave me the right answer so with their “I do.”  it was done and they were one.  Now he just needs to keep on making the dinners that won her heart.

Last, but surely, not least were my wedding couple who met hiking.  Fate had to provide this meeting because how many people accidentally meet hiking. They lived in two different towns about an hour apart so they would drive to the midpoint for their dates then eventually moved to the midpoint so I guess you could say they already know how to compromise.  Their wedding was in our beautiful Eureka Springs Chapel and the Bride and Groom chose a poem which a young man once read to his Bride and I tucked it away because the words are so lovely every Bride should get to hear them.  “I choose you today openly expressing my love. I choose you tomorrow in the privacy of our hearts.  I choose you in strength and weakness. I choose you in joy and sorrow.  I will choose you over all others, every day for all the days of my life.”  When they took their vows and told each other “You are my one true partner in life.  You are my one true love.” I felt as if the couple who met on a mountain had a beautiful view of love and it was expressed this day in the words they heard and the words they said and my thought was,  “Isn’t it romantic!”




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