Marrying the Right One in Eureka Springs

Marrying the Right One in Eureka Springs

They met on a dating site fourteen months ago and it was love at first sight but they lived an hour away.  However, his home was by the lake so visiting was not just great for the company but came with a lovely view.  Their first date was at Mexican Restaurant on Branson Landing with the best apple served in a  skillet with buttery ice cream to go with the sweetest guy. Their Eureka Springs wedding was full of family and friends.  The groom was attended by the Best Woman who was also his Best Friend, his brother and MJ  while the Bride was attended by her very happy daughter and best friend.  It was a cold day but with so many happy loved ones it was a day full of warmth. We photographed the Groom with his sister and brother who brought their spouses and children.  His sister’s young son was snapping photographs and the Groom’s niece and baby brother posed with their parents for a family photograph. Our  Bride’s father walked her to her groom happily waiting for her in our Eureka Spring’s Chapel  where  the daughter of the Bride shared Kleenex and happy tears with her Mom.  Parents and siblings, friends and relatives made the day special despite the chill in the air because love is the warmest emotion and it was definitely in the air.

It was an “I met him on line” weekend so it must be a wonderful tool to meet the right one. The Groom cooked her catfish that he caught himself which I find very impressive.   She mentioned she liked wine so he purchased ten different bottles of wine because she didn’t mention what kind she liked  and he wanted to be sure he had the one she liked.  Did I mention he bought little plastic wine glasses with the stems that pop off?   This is just so cute and romantic that it  makes me smile.  Their wedding was on that same chilly weekend so the Bride’s mother walked her to the chapel where her step-father, the Groom’s and his best friend waited for her pretty, smiling face.  This happy couple who fishes together, laughs together and gets each other’s little jokes married one another in our Eureka Springs Wedding Chapel.  So if you are fishing for love at work, at play, or on the Internet and are lucky enough to find it you should take a chance and reel it and that special someone in to your heart and say ‘Yes’ to love!

On that same chilly day a couple who met on the internet, are dog lovers and perfect for each other were also married in our Eureka Springs Wedding Chapel  with their own vows where she promised to let him win just once at a video game they love and to never take advantage of his kindness and generous heart while he promised to be forever hers, They had their first date at the Blue Rose Restaurant on the river in Tulsa with his wolfhound companion which sounds like a very romantic setting for your very first date and, therefore, a wonderful idea.   Our couple have been together for two years and now they will spend the rest of their lives taking their dogs for walks together, playing their favorite video game together, and  talking and laughing because these two people, who knew they were perfect for each other,  got married with their friends present to bless their love.  Every photograph has our Groom wearing a generous, lovely smile.  His Bride says it is the only smile he owns, the one she will get to look at  everyday knowing it is a sign of the pleasure he takes in her presence in his life and that will always make her smile back.

A mutual friend played cupid for a couple that traveled  all the way from Louisiana to our Eureka Springs Chapel.  She had known of him but it took a friend putting them together for love to bloom.  When they started talking they found out their fathers were from the same town, their Grandchildren were born on the same day and they responded the same way at the same time to things which, when I was young ,would cause us to shout Jinx! and send us into gales of laughter. So, my question is, why did it take your friend so long to play cupid?   Our Groom has a nice easygoing way about him that draws you into conversation and the Bride has long, lovely hair and a pretty smile, so with so much in common that they just fit together like two pieces of a puzzle,  our couple fell in love.  I performed the sand ceremony where the Bride and Groom pour two containers of sand into one vessel to symbolize the blending of their lives thereby uniting two people into one happy couple which is such a lovely way to spend any day.

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