Matches in Eureka

Matches in Eureka

This young couple wrote their owns for their elopement ceremony held in our Eureka gazebo on a day specially made for an outdoor wedding. Instead of the unity candle ceremony they chose to personalize their small wedding with a sand ceremony that told them to “Laugh together, cry together, be comforted by each other’s presence, and secure in each other’s absence.” In the words they wrote for their vows each spoke of knowing right away that they had met the right person to walk through life with, vowing to be there to love and help, to guide and be relied upon knowing that the other would do the same. I think they have all the right intentions for a couple who are marrying. I was just there to attest to their commitment to one another and add make their union as permanent as their love.

Thirty-six years of life and love has bonded our next couple who came to renew their vows at a small Eureka ceremony held in our lovely chapel and planned by their beloved children. Mom was escorted to the chapel by her son and greeted by her husband of almost thirty-seven years and the happy tears of her escort, daughter and son-in-law, and their grandson and his wife. She wore a deep yellow top with deep purple accessories that matched her partner’s shirt and the Eureka Flower bouquet of those same tones. Their reception included a special dance to their own music. I was told a story about her son’s wife who was left at home to tend their many animals which included one wee goat that their mother had brought back to life and had been bottle feeding ever since. She nurtured this baby goat as she and her husband had nurture the children and grandchild who planned and wept at the ceremony that celebrated their many years of love and life together.

The Bride wore a white dress, cowboy boots and a beautiful smile and our groom had on his own set of boots, a black cowboy hat and jeans. I was trying for matching smiles and the Groom warned me he was not a smiley guy so we would have to click fast to catch one of his elusive grins. I tried to tickle his sense of humor to catch the happy I knew he was feeling because he was marrying a beautiful lady on a lovely day perfect for their Eureka elopement wedding in our gazebo. When we achieved that smile we knew it had more to do with his lovely Bride than any of my efforts. The Prayer of a Husband and Wife I read at their ceremony encourages us to take time for things. That smile was worth taking time for so we would see the happy that he was feeling on the inside as he married his special lady shine brightly on the outside in a beautiful smile that perfectly matched his new wife’s.

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