Old Loves and New Loves in Eureka Springs

Old Loves and New Loves in Eureka Springs

They met one cold day, when she was just sixteen, at a football game near the bleachers. He was standing with his friends and she wandered over to the fence with her friend. Her hands were cold and he warmed them in his pockets and eventually he warmed her heart and they were married. Sometimes when we marry young we are just not ready to cope with the challenges of life that include going off to war. She looked around for any traces of him when she was ready to look back but it was many years after our Bride started her search that it was suggested to her by relatives that she try Facebook. When she found him they waited just two days to meet again and in the course of being drawn together she had a health crisis and the gentleman who warmed her hands when she was just sixteen went to help and never looked back. So they came here with her youngest child, her spouse and their two children for a small Eureka ceremony in our lovely Gazebo. The poem I read at their wedding states “I choose you today in witness of all the people who love us.” and I knew that all those people who couldn’t physically be there with us that day were here in spirit and smiling with happiness for them in their “found again” love.

It was a week of “Found Agains” because our next couple was much like the last couple. They were a two people who knew each other once upon a time but drifted apart until she started looking for him and then “found” him again on the internet. When our Bride found a name and age that matched the man she was once married to twenty-eight years ago she called to ask him the all important question. With hope in her heart she bravely asked if he was the man who was once married to Bev and he said yes, “What’s up? First they talked and then they met on a Saturday. They talked and caught up and eleven months later our couple, now in a different time and place, decided to “try it again.” with the knowledge that their timing was right this time. So, they eloped in our pretty little Eureka Springs Gazebo and I would guess that also means that if you really want something to happen you should just try to make it happen. Sometimes you need to take one step forward to get back to the place you need to be and the person you need to be there with.

Speaking of love that was meant to be this was truly a week for reaching out to find lost loves. We were however surprised to have a repeat performance of our “lost loves”. We married three couples reaching back to reconnect with a love that was lost which tells you that the heart knows what it wants and we should listen when it speaks. This time the Groom, with a very Irish name, and his lovely lady waited just a bit more time, five years, to be sure they were sure. When they really knew they were sure they traveled to Eureka Springs as another one of our couples that were just meant to be. Another love that is “found again”. Eloping in our Eureka Springs chapel I spoke the words of First Corinthians that were just perfect for them “Love never fails.” which I would guess also tells us all that you should never give up on love because if things are meant to be, they will be, if you open your heart to the notion that it is never too late to try again.

Our Groom was wearing a black Renaissance shirt and our Bride wore a beautiful ivory gown with a circlet in her hair. Sarah, the Groom’s daughter acting as Maid of Honor and flower girl, wore a pretty dress and a matching circlet. It was a ceremony with family as the Groom brought his mother, two sisters, a brother-in-law, niece. nephew, uncle, second cousin and his son and the Bride arrived with her mother, brother and sister. Family came to celebrate their happiness on their special day. They were from the same town, same high school and then when she moved back the internet helped them, as it seems to be doing for everyone, and then they came to that one day when you know you are in love and you say the words to become one. That day came and the wedding took place in our Eureka Springs Chapel with Sarah spreading flowers for our beautiful Bride as her Groom waited patiently for her arrival. They chose a poem fittingly called “The Art of Marriage” which speaks of forming a circle of love that gathers in the whole family. Their marriage did just that and it couldn’t have been a more perfect choice for their beautiful wedding day in Eureka Springs.

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