Past and Present Loves – Eureka Springs Eternal

Past and Present Loves – Eureka Springs Eternal

They met more than twenty years ago in high school and were boyfriend and girlfriend then drifted apart.
The years passed by and he thought about her and Facebook let him reach out to our Bride with a note asking how she was. They tried to plan a meeting but there were scheduling difficulties so they had to try again to meet and see if the spark they had then would be a spark they could rekindle. Catching up on their lives from then to now led to getting to know each other again. The boyfriend and girlfriend from twenty years or so past found the spark they had then was the spark they had now. Our groom had one dimple, blue jeans and a smile that was full of happiness for the lady who wore a pretty white dress and lovely curls for her Eureka Springs elopement wedding in our gazebo. The poem I read during their ceremony said, “I will choose you, over all others, every day for all the days of my life.” It was already a day full of romance but our Groom asked me to add some special words into their small wedding that expressed their feelings for one another, “It began with you and it ends with you.” I guess that says it all.

Our Bride and Groom chose the Chapel for their Eureka Springs elopement wedding for which the Bride wore a pretty floral dress and carried a bouquet she had made herself. Our couple wrote their own vows so their small Christian ceremony would be more personal. You could hear in his voice and his words how much The Bride and their love meant to him. Our groom called his Bride ‘his calm” and said he could not wait to see the next chapter of us. When it was the Bride’s turn to share her personal vows emotion had her taking a moment to compose herself then she said, “I know our love is heaven sent and I promise from this day forward you will not walk alone, my heart will be your shelter and my arms will be your home.” I doubt I could have said it any better. They have so many plans for their life together my wish for them is that their ‘next chapter of us’ is all they wish it to be.

Our last couple had two fine examples of what a loving marriage should be as both sets of parents had been married forty years or more. A couple that shares so many years together has learned how to live through the hard times and embrace the good times. One of those good times came before the couple had even started their small Eureka Springs Chapel wedding when the Bride entered to find their son Teddy sound asleep on the carpeting so we began our ceremony with merriment and laughter. Our Bride’s hair was decorated with pearls, her mother’s and daughter Cella’s with beautiful clips. She wore a cream colored dress and carried peachy pink flowers with slate grey ribbons created by Eureka Flowers. Cella, a pretty young lady wearing the prettiest of dresses, was her mother’s Maid of Honor and helped with the ceremony. Her father walked our Bride down the aisle to her handsome groom in a dark suit. His father and mother, a lady with long, beautiful blond hair, helped the Groom watch over Teddy, the wedding sleeper, until their ceremony started. This was clearly a lovely family affair that ended with a reception full of more laughter and love for the couple who clearly belong together.

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