Share with Me and Dance with me! Start your new life together in Eureka!

Share with Me and Dance with me! Start your new life together in Eureka!

Sometimes your family needs to step in and make it happen.  The Groom’s daughter and the lovely lady were both nurses and knew each other from working the workplace.  So his daughter played matchmaker and introduced the Bride to her father.  It was like something out of a fairy tale.  On their first date they went to her house where they danced in the kitchen then danced into the living room and our Groom danced his way into her heart.  Six months from almost exactly that day to this the couple that danced their way into each other’s hearts were married.  The police officer wed  the nurse that his daughter was sure was a perfect match in our beautiful Eureka Springs Chapel.  During the ceremony they chose I spoke the words, “I do means I do want your love and I do give you mine and nothing we do will ever be the same because you and I will be doing it all together.” Sometimes the family who loves us knows us better than we know ourselves and with one introduction the love of our life dances into our arms and from then to forever they will be waltzing through life together. Ain’t love grand!.

Our next couple met as teenagers and on Facebook they found each other again. Facebook is like the genie in the lamp that you rub when you make your wish. You type in a name then wait for the screen to help you find that one perfect someone your hoping will remember you with affection and reply.  Their first date as adults brought them to an Asian restaurant that served sushi.  It was her first time for sushi and she has decided that she loves sushi almost as much as she loves him.  His “Best Man” was his daughter and her friend acted as Maid of Honor for our couple.  Our Bride wore a long white gown with a train for their Eureka Springs Chapel wedding. They chose, for their ceremony, First Corinthians which speaks of love being patient and kind, bearing all things, believing all things, hoping all things, enduring all things, and never failing.  We do hope all those things for our Bride and Groom because that attraction that started as teenagers and blossomed into love as adults deserves to be a love, that lasts and lasts forever and a day.

They brought their own vows and a translator to make sure she properly heard all the love in his words because the language of love is the most perfect language.  The Bride’s son gave her away but my thought was he was welcoming the Groom into their family because he belonged with all of their family.  We moved slowly through our ceremony as her words promised. fidelity, commitment, partnership, friendship, confidence, trust, dialogue and her by his side for everything he needed in days that are good or bad, sunny or rainy, full of health or illness, joy or sadness knowing he would never be alone and he told he “I join my life to yours, not merely as your husband, but as your friend, your lover and your confidant.  A shoulder to lean on, a rock to rest upon, the companion of your life.  They shared their lovely words as they will share their life together knowing that they have found each other and that their rings are a promise that each will never face the world alone. They will laugh together, they will cry together and face all the obstacles of life together.  Two hands, two hearts and one love, from this day forward for as long as they both shall live.

Our bridal couple met in high school and met again on Facebook as the heart has a way of remembering and taking us back to where we belong. She made a product for his company and who knew that would lead to filling another need for love and companionship.  They were married in our Eureka Springs Chapel saying “I do.” They are three little letters, two little words. They do mean I do want your love and I do give you mine and nothing we do  will ever be the same because the two of you will be doing it all together. And as First Corinthians tells us, and we all know,  love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.  Love never fails. They were celebrating the fun they have together and find in each other’s company by going to Zip Line into their new life together and enjoying each and every minute of their very happy first day as husband and wife.

Our Groom was her boss for a little while and they just moved from boss and employee to being a couple.  Their first date was casual where they hung out and barbecued.  They took a year and half of getting to know one another.  They spent their time wisely just hanging out with each other, getting to know one another, fall in love with one another and moved on to marrying one another.  A most wonderful move that includes five children between them, a tad bit of chaos and a transition to both partners becoming bosses.  In our Eureka Springs Chapel they exchanged vows that spoke of each one being the other’s true partner in life and one true love. They were marrying their friend, the one they laugh with, live for, dream with and love.  With five children, new jobs, and a new marriage their lives are busy but if you were with us that day and had seen the love in their eyes you would know, as I did, that they were ready for all the new things that would come their way because they were each really that one true partner, that one true love.

Our Bride worked for his mother and he visited his mother so it was as if fate stepped in to help bring them together to form a marriage, make a loving match, and start a new a life. On their first date our Groom went to her house where she cooked a meal which must have been perfect because he never left her side. I wish I could cook that well!   It was here in our beautiful Eureka Springs that they spoke the wedding vows for their elopement ceremony where he pledged to eat only her meals, sit only at her table and hopefully help with the dishes. Actually,  the words of their ceremony say  that “I do” is the simplest part of this day, but that there is nothing simple about the things that will remain unsaid as it means I do know I could be hurt but I am ready to be healed with you.  It means I do want to try even when the the fear of failure holds be back, and I do not know the future but I am ready to be surprised along the way. Maybe he will not always know what is for dinner but he’ll  know who he wants to be sitting across the table from him, sharing his day, a meal, and his life with because sometimes you just know whose eyes you want to look into, and whose feet you want touching yours under the dinner table for every wonderful day to come.

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