Summer Weddings in Eureka Springs

Summer Weddings in Eureka Springs

Wearing a lovely white dress with a train she purchased in Dillard’s Bridal section our pretty blond Bride carried a red and white bouquet and was escorted by her father to her groom dressed in a black and tan outfit for their Eureka Springs wedding ceremony. Their three children Ashley, Caleb and Griffin attended their gazebo ceremony with Griffin acting as their ring bearer. The Bride’s sister and her husband and a friend of Ashley’s also attended so when I spoke the words of the poem they had selected for their small wedding “I choose you today in witness of all the people who love us.” truer words could not have been spoken. The couple who used to live across from one another and had their first real date at Outback toasted each other at their reception and spent the rest of their first day as husband and wife celebrating their joy and happiness with all those people who love them.

For our next wedding couple the date had special meaning because they had know each other seven years and they were marrying on the seventh day of the seventh month. It just has to be their lucky day since they found each other seven years ago and they are promising to walk side by side through life on a day full of sevens. Our lucky Groom wore a pink shirt with a boutonniere that kept trying to fall off and our Bride wore a pretty white dress and carried a multi-colored bouquet that echoed the colors of the uncooperative boutonniere. They smiled and laughed throughout their Eureka Springs Chapel ceremony as if their happiness just couldn’t be contained. They may have connected on Facebook but they had mutual friends and there were family members who had been best friends for forever so it had to be destiny and it surely was love.

Our Bride with curly blonde hair and pretty eyes wore a short tan dress with blue accents that matched the Groom’s outfit of blue jeans and a smile. Theirs was a Eureka elopement ceremony held in our Gazebo and attended only by the bunnies that live on our property which was fitting as they reside on a Bunny farm owned by the Groom’s grandparents. She carried a bouquet that had been used by the young women of her family passed down from one to the other. She remarked that it was a good thing she was the last young lady to marry because the bouquet was dropping flowers here and there as we posed them for their portraits. They were a lovely young couple full of smiles and laughter and I am sure they will be blessed with a love that never fails just as the words of First Corinthians promises and which was the prayer they aptly chose for their gazebo ceremony.

Our next ceremony was also held in our Eureka Gazebo with our wedding couple attended by six children. They escorted the Bride as she walked to her groom with the children hand in hand and arm in arm ready and willing to assist their parents in tying that special knot. The two oldest children assisted with giving and receiving of rings, another helped the Bride with her bouquet, then two little girls assisted with the Unity Candle ceremony by lighting the tapers for our wedding couple. Then there was the youngest little boy who decided it should be his job to blow out the candles. This was just like a wedding with family should be with laughter and teasing by the Bride and Groom and children participating in a day marked by happiness because as the words of our ceremony state, “Today we join two hands, two hearts, two lives, and we make a family.”

The next ceremony was a renewal of vows gifted to the couple by their loving family. They have been married twenty five years and have spent them raising their own children, taking in foster children, and adopting three children to have as their own. So much love and happiness to be shared with children and grandchildren, nineteen in all, watching as they repeated the words that united them in marriage so many years ago. Our Bride was escorted by her son and five of their children participated with the handing of the ring, holding the pretty pink bouquet for the Bride, and assisting with the tapers for their Unity Candle ceremony. They met at work so many years ago when she was a the only woman welder at the company. Later they welded their lives together making a family full of loving people and then reaching out their arms to extend that love to more children. This is what marriage is about, giving and receiving, loving and being loved. It was an honor to participate in this renewal of such a special bond, not only between our couple, but between all the members of their family.

Our Bride and Groom chose our Eureka Springs’s Chapel for their small ceremony. She was attended by her sister and escorted by her sister’s husband who then performed the duties of Best Man and Matron of Honor for the couple. Also, attending were her niece and her little boy. Their niece videotaped the ceremony for the couple during which I read one of my favorite poems. It speaks of triumphing over the challenges in my path. That particular day we had a sweet little boy who didn’t understand why no one was playing with him and a candle that was refusing to stay lit for the Unity Candle ceremony. For the couple who met on line and had their first date eating steak at Applebees it was all about having the people they love with them when they spoke the words that united them as Husband and Wife. It is all about the vows you are making, the family watching you make them, and the words “You may kiss your beautiful Bride.”

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