Take my Hand and My Heart in Eureka Springs

Take my Hand and My Heart in Eureka Springs

Our Bride and Groom were joined in their ceremony by their four children. For their Eureka Springs ceremony they chose our beautiful Gazebo overlooking the valley. The Bride and Groom were attended by their friends as Maid of Honor and Best Man who brought their spouses to the nuptials. Friends and family came to join them as they chose each other in witness of all the people who love them. Instead of the Unity Candle Ceremony our couple decide to use a Sand Ceremony that would symbolize the framework of their blended family. This allowed each of their children to join them in pouring different colors of sand representing each of them into the receptacle to form colorful layers of sand symbolizing the blending of the Bride and Groom and their children Brooklyn, Ella, Chase, and Hayden into one family because just as these grains of sand can never be separated and poured again into their individual containers so will their marriage and their family be. As beautifully as these different colors of sand blended so will their lives entwine from this day forward and they will have a memento of their Eureka Springs ceremony to remind them of that special day, that special moment when they became a family.

Some people who come to us are here to renew the vows that united in Holy Matrimony. We were honored by being allowed to share in just such a Eureka Springs ceremony as our couple celebrated thirty years together with their three daughters and their one daughter’s spouse. She and her husband documented the renewal while the other two daughters stood as attendants helping with the rings and the unity candle ceremony. The two young ladies walked in front of their mother and father as they moved forward into the Eureka Springs Chapel to renew the vows they had taken so many years ago with so much happiness reflected on all of their faces. This ceremony was a gift given to them by the family who share in the joy they clearly feel at having been granted so many loving years together. Sharing their pleasure in the ceremony that shows them planning to spend many more years walking hand in hand through life together. A wonderful life which is blessed by those whose love for them was clear in their pleasure in the giving of this gift that was a celebration of everything special that the words marriage and family should mean.

Our Bride wore a pink blush gown with elegant matching heels that blended beautifully with the Groom’s similarly colored shirt and soft bow tie to match. They looked as lovely together as any couple could hope for. The Bride’s long dark hair draped beautifully in all of their photographs as we posed them to take advantage of the slit in her gown allowing a little peek at the fluffy shoes that I had to find a way to show off. Her Groom had this wonderful smile that lit up his face especially when he was looking her way and his mother had blessed him with a name that was as perfect a fit for him as he was for his pretty Bride. They chose the words of First Corinthians to add to their Eureka elopement ceremony and I am partial to the last line which states “Love never fails.” You could just tell by the looks they exchanged that this was a line written just for them.

This bridal couple came to their Eureka elopement ceremony with witnesses for their Gazebo wedding . She wore a long white dress and boots and our Groom matched his footwear to hers with cowboy boots and blue jeans. We found ourselves waiting just a teeny bit for the witnesses to arrive and change. They had come a long way to share in our couples’ happiness and we were so glad to have them here to do so. They stood in our Eureka Gazebo to exchange vows that I had just found and which were so appropriate for them, “You are my one true partner in life. You are my one true love.” They were a lovely young couple starting out in life with friends by their sides as Best Man and Maid of Honor handing them the rings that signify the joining of their lives together then lighting the candles for the Unity Ceremony that symbolizes that they are now one. A Bride and Groom waiting just a teeny bit of time to share their special day with friends just adds more love to the moment and there is no such thing as too much love.

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