To Eureka Springs To Marry!

To Eureka Springs To Marry!

They met on-line and their first date was listening to band at a casino where the best bet they made was on each other. For their Eureka Springs elopement ceremony the Bride was dressed all in white with pearls on her wrists, in her ears and decorating her throat. She looked so lovely with her hair done “just so” and her make-up applied perfectly. Our groom’s attire matched her handmade bouquet created in a blue that matched his shirt which in turn matched the blue in his eyes. Their ceremony took place in our gazebo that overlooks the valley and the “Prayer of Husband and Wife” was perfect for their ceremony. It says, “Help us to be generous with kind words and compliments.” and since he is now the man that lives in house with a new wife and four pretty daughters compliments are a perfect way of letting all of his young ladies and his beautiful new wife how wonderful life will be with the man who is happily ‘outdaughtered’.

Our Bride wore a beautiful back dress with a black and coral skirting and her Groom was attired all in black with a coordinating vest that had a sprig of coral on the lapel and a coral handkerchief in his pocket adding a
little touch of the color found in our Bride’s dress. They did a lovely job of being the perfectly matched pair. The Bride was escorted by her father to our Eureka Springs Chapel for their small family ceremony with her sister carrying Oliver, their ring bearer, and her daughter, Lily, strewing flower petals in her path while cello music played in the background. Lily handed the Bride and Groom their wedding rings and assisted in the Unity Candle ceremony while crying the happiest of tears. We accomplished our photography prior to the wedding which helped us avoid a few raindrops that threatened to arrive but fortunately never did more than that. Their chapel wedding was attended by family members inclusive of the Mother of the Bride, the Father of the Bride who was her escort, his wife and their son, Lily’s young uncle, Oliver, our little ring-bearer who was, by necessity, attending with his mother and father, the Bride’s grandfather, a personal friend of his, and their cousin and her boyfriend. It was truly a family affair, just like a wedding should be, with lots of joy for the happy couple.


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