Tying Love Knots in Eureka Springs

Tying Love Knots in Eureka Springs

He is a romantic who placed pictures and love notes around the gazebo to surprise his Bride. They were written on whatever was handy and then left for each other each day. Carefully stored away and brought out to remind her of the thoughtfulness that was part of who they are and how they feel about each other. It was telling as to how they were together. Thinking of the time spent apart as a time to think about being together. They had lovely books in which The Bride and her Groom had written their vows to one another and private thoughts to be imparted later after the vows, when they were newly husband and wife and their first words would be important, words to be cherished and remembered. The romantic couple eloped in our Eureka Gazebo overlooking the valley with the Bride dressed in a lovely dress of deep ivory that fell as perfectly as the words of the vows said by the man who was her children’s coach to the pretty mother who fell in love on the field of life.

Our next Bride and Groom met on a dating site then talked and texted for hours wrapped up in one another not wanting it to end. Then after three days of talking they met and spent their first evening together on a scenic overlook halfway between where each one lived. Laying on the bank watching the shooting stars as they talked and talked then dancing barefoot on the rocks under the stars was the way they started their romance. The words of her vows echoed their feelings as she promised to remain as in love tomorrow, next year, ten years ad fifty years from now as she was today. He told her he wanted to build a life, a family, and a partnership with her. So the couple who met on line and danced under the stars will walk hand and hand and heart to heart away from our Eureka Chapel into their new life together. Our Bride said it best, “God gave me you and I am so blessed that He chose me for you and you for me.”

Our Bride “poked” him on Facebook five years ago and they have been inseparable ever since. Oddly enough they had friends who knew each one of them as it turns out. Friends sometimes know us better than we know ourselves and were in favor of this pairing. She wore a lovely gown for their Eureka Springs Chapel wedding and our Groom a tan tux. The song they chose together for their Unity candle ceremony It was a beautiful love song “I get to love you.” and was just so very perfect for their special day. Our Bride carried a sunflower bouquet that was lovely as the lady carrying it and their good friends joyfully participated in their wedding day. It was made more perfect by the lovely poem they chose that reminded them to say, “I love you” and Thank you” ever single day! With a romantic carriage ride in their future they left their small ceremony with the final words of this poem echoing the sentiment of the day. “You will blessed with the greatest happiness in life, to love and be loved.”

Forty-two years ago they attended high school together and it took Facebook to bring them back together. The Bride and Groom told me Facebook may change its policy and make people pay for membership. Finding love will then cost those looking to connect or reconnect and that is just a little sad because two months later our couple dined out and as the Bride so succinctly put it “It was a done deal!” Those schoolmates from many years ago eloped in Eureka Springs. Marrying in our gazebo overlooking the valley they asked God to “Engrave charity and compassion on our hearts.” and I am hoping, after seeing their happiness, that Facebook rethinks the notion of making people pay to find that special someone. It should always and forever be all about the love!

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