While in Eureka Springs!

While in Eureka Springs!

She wore a white gown with a train and pink belt for her Eureka Chapel wedding and the Groom was attired in a blue shirt with a black tie. The Best Man was also the Brother and his wife was the Maid of Honor so it was family wedding with two sets of grandparents, the Bride’s mother and father, the Grooms mother and her beau and a special truck owned by one of the grandfathers that was the featured in a beautiful photograph of the Bride and Groom perched on the running board while they kissed. When I spoke the words from the poem they had chosen for their small ceremony they could not have been more true, “I choose you today in witness of all the people who love us.” Everyone shared in their happiness and it was so much fun!

The relationships at this wedding were part of the joy as sisters, brothers, wives with babies and children, and friends all mixed and mingled thrilled to be with them on their special day. Our Bride brought her own bouquet, a pretty smile and a circlet for her hair. Our Groom was dressed in a royal blue tuxedo. The met through an uncle and love just bloomed and flowered. Marrying is just what you do when he’ll never stop loving you and you’ll never stop loving him. So, in our Eureka Gazebo the pretty Bride married her handsome Groom and they have her uncle to thank for playing matchmaker. Her deserves a big hug!

She wore a white gown with pretty fur shawl to keep her warm and our Groom wore a black jacket, red shirt and black tie on a chilly day in December for their Eureka Springs Chapel elopement. Her bouquet was created by Bellamy Blooms with a matching boutonniere for our Groom in Christmas red. They met at a Christmas party where they were both guests and we’ll never know if the hostess planned it that way. Their first date was a concert in Joplin four years ago. Now they are married with a blended family and his son’s wife is pregnant. Their Christmas wish is that they have a healthy little girl because they have many beloved little grandsons and would love to welcome a baby girl so they would have both dolls and trucks in their Christmas buying future.

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