Winter Eureka Weddings

Winter Eureka Weddings

Our Bridal and Groom went to high school together years ago. While there our shy groom was smitten with a pretty girl that caught his eye and stole his heart but although he had a crush on her it took many years before he took that first step because he admits to being shy guy back then. Like so many others he reached out to her in the modern way by friending her on the internet. Our Bride friended him back and eventually moved home from the farther west state where she was living to be closer to the boy she knew and to get to know the man he had become much better. So, I guess, when the time was right love just happened for the tall man in the cowboy hat and his pretty Bride in her cowboy boots. Their ceremony included the words of Corinthians that “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all thing, endures all thing. Love never fails.” I guess we know it doesn’t because after the many miles that parted them and the years that had passed they married in our Eureka Springs chapel on a winter day with a bit of snow and a lot of happiness with a love searched for and found.

They arrived in wedding attire with a tall dark-haired pretty daughter and a lighter haired handsome son to take their vows in our Eureka Springs Chapel on that same cold wintry day with a dusting of snow and happy smiles. The two young people manned their telephones to take photographs and video the small ceremony. It was one of those days when the chill in air doesn’t dim the love in the air. Our Bride carried her pretty shoes to the Chapel to save them for the wedding. Her Groom wore his pleasure in his grin and you could just tell that no amount of bad weather would have come between them and this day. They chose, for their small ceremony, a poem that states to make a marriage work you form a circle of love that gathers in the whole family and not only marry the right partner but be the right partner. My thought was that with their children witnessing and recording their ceremony on a snowy day that they could have found daunting this couple, who smiled through it all, already knows what forges the bonds for a good marriage. They carry it in their hearts where ever they go.

Now and then we have the privilege of renewing the vows for couples who have been married for a number of years and want to repeat their vows to remind themselves of how special and precious the love have forged is to them. Our couple has two children four years old and six years old and have known each other since they were very young and were boyfriend and girlfriend. They married in front of Justice of the Peace so they chose a chapel renewal of vows that would allow them the photographs that would memorialize their love and enduring relationship. The gentleman even had a photograph of the two of them when they were very young and had just begun their attachment. My thought was, how romantic to still have, at your fingertips, a photo of when you were young and in love. His words were that they intended to keep their love alive and thriving and my thought was that renewing your love and commitment is a wonderful way to do that.

Thirteen years ago the groom was in South Carolina and stopped to refuel his truck and himself at a station for truckers and met the young lady that would marry him. They talked and became acquainted but that is all. She moved to Oklahoma and started working at a fuel stop where he went to refuel and fate intervened. He didn’t realize at first that she was the lady he had met in South Carolina but she had a picture of what she looked like when they had first met and it was clear that fate had something planned for them. Thirteen years is a long time but love just finds a way. The Prayer of A Husband and Wife that was read at their wedding says to,” face each other in deep trust without fear or self pity,” and, I would guess, that after thirteen years apart, and with a chance to find love they just moved forward so the trucker married the lady he was meant to marry because fate intervened.

They lived a mile apart from one another but had never met until she was online and he was online. The internet is a starting point for so many couples. They met and they tried to see if they were that perfect match and a bug, not quite the love bug we hope for, intervened. They were bitten and and found that cooking special meals that suited their new way of eating became that through “thick and thin” that has to do with marriage and a wedding was planned. Our couple had a small ceremony, an elopement, in our Eureka Springs wedding chapel with the words of our poem “The Art of Marriage” which states that one should cultivate flexibility, patience, understanding and a sense of humor.” I would guess being bitten by the love bug and a bug that caused you to live a life that made your needs so similar would cultivate all those things and, in so doing, make the shared difficulties less of chore and more of a connection. Love is sharing all that offers and love is beautiful.

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