Wishing you Eureka Love and Happiness!

Wishing you Eureka Love and Happiness!

They have known each other since they were seventeen years old. Our Bride dressed in a floor length ivory dress with her Groom in a matching outfit of tan pants, a white shirt and cowboy boots whose romance began at a baseball game then moved through what they called “their crazy journey” spoke their vows in a small wedding ceremony in Eureka Springs. Dad escorted the Bride to her groom awaiting her arrival in our gazebo where the groom told her “that no matter where life leads us I promise to take on each journey side by side with you with your pretty smile as my motivation and to enjoy each step of the way. She said she knew from the moment she looked into his blue eyes she was hooked and was going to marry him one day, and today she was getting to do that. With both sets of parents witnessing their love and their joy they were ready to embark on a life full of more wonderful memories. However, they had to wait patiently, sitting and talking, on the end of their truck while we prepared their wedding mementos and photographs to take home and cherish like the love in their hearts.

Children and grandchildren were the guests at our next wedding. Many family members escorted our smiling Bride wearing an off-white dress and carrying a three-rose bouquet to meet her groom looking handsome in a pink shirt, cowboy hat and boots. Our Bride was escorted by her son and the cutest children all dressed in blue, a lovely maid of honor and two best men, all family, who walked with her to the Gazebo where our Groom awaited her arrival as patiently as a Groom in love can wait. There was a special song played at the Unity Candle ceremony that meant so much to all of them that they hugged and swayed to the rhythm as they softly sang the words. It was a lovely Eureka Springs day for their Gazebo ceremony with everyone happy that this day had arrived, the words had been spoken and the rest of their days together were just waiting to be lived.

Our next couple met at the post office, not because they had to mail something, but because they worked as Postmasters, both in charge of mailing everything. Their first date was dinner and a movie. I think it must have been a great restaurant and a wonderful movie for them to end up at my Eureka Springs chapel for their elopement wedding. The Groom made a last minute trip to replace the shirt he had forgotten but it was definitely a successful mission because he looked wonderful next his pretty, dark-haired bride wearing a lovely sequined dress. They bowed their heads for the prayer that tells our bridal couple to be generous with kind words and compliments. It was my belief that these were words they had already put into action and their lives would be full of both.

There were three little girls throwing flowers, a Maid of Honor escorted by the Best Man wearing dark glasses and a suit, our Bridesmaid who is the girlfriend of her escort, a tall uniformed young man. The Bride and Groom matched so nicely their photograph sits in my office to remind of what love looks like. The Father of the Bride wore a wonderful outfit and I remember telling his wife they should find another occasion to look so lovely together. It was a Gazebo wedding with the words of First Corinthians telling us that love never fails and I suppose that applies to the Best Man as well since his speech at the reception was just as perfect as this ceremony day with my couple who were so perfect together they looked as if they had stepped off their wedding cake for a first dance as Husband and Wife.

This was a Eureka Gazebo ceremony with the gentlemen dressed in black pants with blue ties, vests and white shirts. The Maid of Honor and Best Man were the Groom’s siblings, the Bride’s sister was her Matron of Honor and was escorted by the Best Man. They were also attended by their daughter, a young lady with lovely long brown hair and pretty eyes, who was wearing a dress that matched in color with the other young ladies in the wedding party. BJ, their blond haired and very cute son, was the youngest member of their wedding party. The Best Man and Groomsman had escorted their guests to the gazebo seating prior to the ceremony. Our lovely Bride, accompanied by her father down the pathway to her handsome Groom with a name you just wish someone had blessed you with at birth, Sky. Our beautiful Bride was wearing a cream colored dress and boot shoes. For this ceremony with reception we had two sets of moms and dads, many loving relatives, and lots of happiness, just the way it should be.

The Bride was escorted by her father to her small Eureka Springs ceremony for a wedding with friends, family, and children. The Groom’s Best Man was also his best friend and Liv, their daughter, was Maid of Honor. Attending their wedding were the Groom’s mother, The Bride’s parents, the wife of the Best Man, two sisters of the Groom, friends and children, one of whom was a niece. I hope I didn’t forget anyone because they were all important for their special day. Our Bride read a beautiful prayer for us from “Thirty-one Prayers for my Future Husband” and it was a lovely, very personal addition to their ceremony. As the couple posed for their wedding portraits she mentioned we should expect the ‘Monarez’ smile, which, as it turns out, is not a big toothy smile. What matters most is he looked as happy as he surely was and that is all one could ask for out of a wedding smile. Happy man, happy husband!

Her sister introduced them ten years ago but you have to be ready and that was not the right time. It has to be that perfect moment and that time came at a Fourth of July celebration which, oddly enough, was held on the First of July. That is the exact day they chose for their wedding. She said the words “I love you.” came shortly after the second meeting. Then the pretty blond found her way to our Eureka Springs Chapel and married the man she could not stop kissing, the man about whom she kept saying “Isn’t he handsome”, the man she waited so long to meet again. He told her, “We may not have the wealth of the world but we will have a world of wealth in our live of love.” Our Bride told her man “I’m so looking forward to getting old with you but I promise to keep the kid in us alive as we do.” To me that means walking on the beach hand in hand as the sun rises and riding bikes along the beach as the sun sets. No matter how old we get we need to remember how it felt when we first fell in love. It is my wish for all of you!

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