You Never Know Where You Will Meet Him But You Can Always Marry In Eureka Springs

You Never Know Where You Will Meet Him But You Can Always Marry In Eureka Springs

Our couple actually spotted each other at a church bible study but shyness caused  their official meeting to come later as seeing each other is just the start.  Making the courageous move of introducing yourself, even to someone in a church setting, can be daunting.  Eight to nine months later he invited out for their first date. Where before they we tentative, now, we have a man ready to win the woman he knows is for him.  Our groom cooked a wonderful meal for her at his apartment with no help from a caterer.  It is no wonder she decided he was the one and so they arrived in Eureka Springs ready to have a lovely chapel elopement.  The Prayer of a Husband and Wife was perfect for them because it speaks of being thoughtful in word and deed and a gentleman who prepares a lovely meal for a lady is already thoughtful.  Our groom wore this big wonderful inviting smile from the time they arrived and she smiled back like it was the happiest day of her life, because it was.  It was wonderful to share in their joy and as the poem I read at their wedding states,”It is not only marrying the right partner, it is being the right partner.” You just knew they were just right for each other.

They met at work doing jobs that may not have been the ones they wanted to have forever but gave them a chance to meet and fall in love.   On their very first date our couple went bowling. When I asked who one the game she let out a sigh and said,” He did.”  My guess is that he is a better bowler but what he really won that night was a lovely lady to marry and make his wife. Perhaps  you’d have to say that they really both won that night so they can both take home the ” Love Cup” as their trophy.  It has been a few years since then and they now both have new jobs which, they admitted for them, was a really good thing. Their eldest son and his wife have given them a new grandchild which fills their lives with that wonderful feeling being a grandparent brings with it.  Now they have a pre-teen at home and a new grandbaby to dote upon when they get home from their Eureka Springs Chapel wedding and as we all know, “Love never fails.”

The Bride’s best friend was her Maid of Honor and her sons escorted her to the Groom where, he too, was accompanied by his best friend who was truly his Best Man for their Eureka Springs wedding.  Attending this happy union were her sister, two daughters, a granddaughter and another friend if I have that right and I hope I do.  They met at work as so many couples do but their first date was unusual because after a dinner out they attended a comedy club and were laughing so hard among themselves they didn’t need the poor comedian who wasn’t nearly as funny as they found each other.  I guess you could say they were having a wonderful time despite his lack of comedic skill and have been having a wonderful time ever since so maybe they had the last laugh.  Perhaps our couple should thank him for giving them the opportunity to discover their enjoyment in each other’s company because, to be truthful, they were still laughing as they told me this story of their first date and something tells me the story will always remind them of the laughter and joy they found in each other on that very first date.

They met in Costa Rica in 2016 when she went on vacation with some friends and walked into a reggae bar for a night of dancing and harmless flirtation.  Who knew she would meet the man she would marry because she couldn’t speak Spanish and the bartender was ignoring her bar order for the lack of Spanish.  Earlier in the night she had made eye contact with a handsome man who she thought had left but came to her rescue by placing her order in Spanish and inviting her to dance.  They danced the night away with no plans for the future but who should she meet the next day outside a restaurant but the same handsome man from the night before just as she was complaining to her friend she might never see him again.  I would say that is good karma.  They did Facebook for some months and she went back for some visits but some was not enough and the couple who danced together came together for a lovely chapel wedding in Eureka Springs.  Our Bride wore a beautiful smile to marry the man she met in Costa Rica who came to the United States to make her his wife have a cute little baby and maybe, just maybe take her back to Costa Rica to dance some more.

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